April 26th, 2009: Breakfast

Helloooo!!  Can we get right to talking about how I ran 10 miles today?  Holy hell y’all I’m still processing the fact that I ran freaking 10 miles today!

I got up and got Rocky taken care of as quickly as possible.  It took me a while to get everything together before leaving the house this morning because I had to fill my CamelBak and load it with essentials.  Cell phone, fuel, chapstick, all the necessities.

Once that was done I headed out the door and to the local trail.  We have a rails to trails park here and since it’s close I figured I could use that for my long run.  It starts downtown and I can easily walk there.  The walk to the trail is about 15-20 minutes which sort of stinks.  Not that it’s a bad walk just that it’s added on time to an already long run.  The only downside is that I didn’t really like walking through downtown in my running clothes.  Unless I drive, I for sure will not be wearing any running skirts!

I made it to the trail and stretched for a minute to get my already warmed up muscles a little bit more juice, then I was off.  My Camelbak weighted me down a good bit.  I was already taking it slow but this made me even slower.  I was pacing over a 12-minute mile, that’s slow.  New factors contributed to this.

1. New route that I’ve never done before.

2. Camelbak

3. Stupid new running shirt

This route guys was torturous!  Oh wow but I didn’t think I was going to make it.  It’s just this straight flat path with nothing to look at.  Once you get past a park and the last housing development you are in the “country”.  Flat land with nothing around, not even houses and you’re just running on this straight path through the middle of farm fields. It sounds serene but when you’re putting in distance it gets a little old.  Plus there is no shade from trees so the sun is just beating down on you.  I’m going to have to bust out my sunvisor if I run it again.

Because it was a new route I had no landmarks yet to associate with distance.  I was just running from mile marker to mile marker which seemed so long!  Oh my goodness I didn’t think I was going to make it but I told myself that I’ve already ran 9.5 miles, running 10 is no big deal.

Remember my shirt I got from Ladies’ Night at the running store? I wore that today and piss on it, I’m not wearing it again.  First it’s very hot.  It has a lot of air pockets and mesh so I thought it would be cooloer.  Not so much.  Second it kept riding up on me leaving my bellah hanging out.  I tried tucking it in my pants but that didn’t work.  Finally I said, “Eff it!” and tucked it up around my sports bra.  It was hot and by this point I didn’t care if my ghost white bellah was hanging out for all to see.

When I finally hit the 5-mile mark, after rejoicing, I took a small walk break to drink some water.  Then picked back up again with a slightly faster pace.  Going back is so much easier then heading out!  I knew where I was and knew what the landmarks meant in terms of distance.  It was still rough but I knew I was going home and knew that I could pull this off.

I took more small walk breaks here and there because I was so hot, I knew I needed the hydration.  Thankfully I wore my wristbands to help wipe the sweat off my face.  I started passing and being passed by more people on the trail as the time got later in the morning.

Hitting the end of the trail was the most glorious thing!  I was done and just completed my first 10-mile run!  It was hard physically and mentally but I pushed through and did it!

I stretched for a minute and drank some water.  Then I pulled out a Clif fruit strip that I cut into bite size pieces and ate that on the walk back home.  The walk home gave me a chance for a nice cool down but I ran out of water! :o  So either I drank more than I thought or maybe I didn’t fill up my Camelbak enough.  It was my first time using it so who knows.



Once home, I slammed two huge classes of CS and then started stretching.  My Scotty got up while I was streching and I briefly mumbled somethign to him in the form of a greeting.  I headed upstairs and showered.  Then I came downstairs to make breakfast because I was STARVING!  I burned a silly crazy amount of cals on this run so I needed to fuel back up.

much needed

much needed

Oatbran! That’s all I wanted.  Quick and it will get the job done.

With coffee!  I added some brown sugar to this mix because we’re out of bananas.  I also put in some blueberries and raspberries for fruit boost.  Topped with walnuts, cranberries, and some cashew butter.  Naturally I inhaled this. ;)

I’m now chugging water like it’s my job. :D  And I’m about to go have some more to eat!

Things I’ve learned:

Fuel is important.  Either I need to have a snack Saturday evening or I need a bigger snack before my run.  1/2 a Clif bar before heading out did not cut it today.  Especially not with this hot weather.

I need to seriously think how I want to handle my Camelbak for the race.  It weighted me down a good bit but I used it so does one outweigh the other?  I’ll have to decide.

New courses lag me down as well because I don’t know where I’m going.

The fruit strip did a good job but I’ll probably need some shot blocks or moons for additional sodium.

Okay guys, I’m wiped out.  I need some more food and I need to ice my knee and rest.  Whew!  But go me, 10 miles!!

7 thoughts on “April 26th, 2009: Breakfast

  1. You might want to start out with a tank top and arm warmers instead of a long sleeve shirt. Then if you get warm you can take the arm warmers off instead of suffering in the long sleeve shirt. If you are like me I’m soooo uncomfortable when I’m overheating I can’t even bear it. And remember you add 10 degrees of heat when you are running so you should start off cool. Because you will warm up. I don’t warm up in winter but as soon as it’s spring and above 0 (Celsius of course) I bake.

    And I would try adding a snack Saturday night before you go to bed rather than in the morning. Eating too close to running can be bad too. It doesn’t bother me but it bothers some people. I’ve run a 5 K on a full turkey dinner. ;)

    Would you need a lighter Camelbak? I haven’t found my weighed me down that much but maybe it’s just me. I like the Cb more than a waist belt. Hate the waist belt. Does your race have water stations? (Although it’s also not a good idea to rely on them because people have reported in races that the ws have run out of water. :O )

    Ok enough of my unsolicited advice. ;)

  2. Way. To. Go!!!!!!!

    How do you like the Camelbak? Does it have other uses than just water? I feel like I’ve only heard of them as water bottle-type things…

    • Holly, yes it does! It has a tons of pockets for keys, ID, cellphone, fuel, extra water and whatever you need to carry with you on runs/hikes/biking. :D I love it!

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