April 20th, 2009: Breakfast and Lunch (also last night’s snack)

Hi guys!  It was late when we had our “snack” so I didn’t get a chance to post about it.  First the evening started off with a small glass of wine so we could finish the bottle and send it on it’s way.  All my pictures of the wine came out crappy. Boo

We drank that while watching the BSG Finale which was just okay.  Nothing spectacular, some questions left unanswered, and some very dumb things (Like Galen (sp) killing Torrie. Really? Over Callie?  Really? Who gives a flip about Callie?).  Basically I thought it could have been better especially since it was a series finale.  And the previews for all the spinoff stuff?  Whoa do those look really bad.

Dear TV, what has happened to you?  Why are there no good shows on TV anymore?

Scott chatted with his mom for a bit on the phone and I decided to have some fruit.



Two oranges because I didn’t feel like I got enough fruit yesterday.  One was great and one half of another was horrible.  Almost like fermented, so weird!

After the BSG finale and when Scott was done on the phone, we turned on the Pens game. It was horrible.  The Pens couldn’t get their shit together and holy crap how much do I not like Pierre McGuire?  Seriously that little man is no “analyst” and has a major issue with the Pens.  I swear he hates them.  Perhaps he left on bad terms?  And whoever NBC had running their cameras doesn’t understand how hockey is played because the camera wasn’t ever on the puck.  Meh.

Game food

Game food

But we snacked while we watched!  There was:

  • Sliced apple
  • Sharp cheddar
  • Carrot sticks
  • Baked salt and pepper chips
  • Chipotle chips
  • A few kashi crackers
  • Hummus

I had some of everything except the chipotle chips because I didn’t want anything fried.  I stuck with the baked chips.  I tried dipping some in the hummus but wasn’t a big fan of that combo.  I had them straight up.  And now I need to lay off the chips for a while as my tongue is on fire.  If I eat too much salty stuff my tongue starts to get sore.  We sipped on an 1888 Bock.  Oh, and I only had a small piece of cheese, it tasted weird to me so I passed on it.

The Pens lost their game because they played horrible.  And so we moved on to Mythbusters, the series premier.  While we watched that, a chocolate stout made an appearance.



I only had a few sips of that.  As much as I love it, I was beer’d out.  Then I went to bed to sleep the sleep of the just. ;)

I got up at 7am this morning to pouring rain.  I got Rocky taken care of and poured myself a cup of coffee.  We’re out of creamer so it was a 1/2&1/2 with sugar kind of day.  I forgot to take a picture!  Doh!  Hello Monday. ;)

I read Bobbi’s updates as soon as I sat at my desk this morning.  She’s in Boston running the marathon like the rockstar that she is! :D  And then I spent most of the morning trying to watch the Live feed which would not work for me.  First of all the local TV station broadcast was only for those in New England.  Um, that is highly dumb.  Sorry WBZ-TV but others want to watch the race too!

I left the computer for a bit to make breakfast and have a bit more coffee.

perfect today

perfect today

Oatbran!  So yummy!  Mix-ins were cranberries, walnuts, coconut, and some dark chocolate PB.  Mmm mmm  Then I fiddled some more trying to watch the race.

Universal Sport’s feed wouldn’t work on Firefox or Safari.  Dear Universal Sports, not all of us run Internet Explorer.  In fact most of us choose to go with better browsers.  IE does not fall in that category.  You should have a talk with whomever designed your site and is responsible for arranging the coverage, because they didn’t do a good job.  Or maybe it ran on FireFox for Windows?  But it did not run on Firefox for Macs or Linux for sure.

So I headed to the TV to see if it was on somewhere.  Nope.  Wow.  We can watch things like Bass Fishing Championships, and Poker (which is like ZOMG so exciting!) but we can’t watch one of the biggest races of the year?!

You all get a big fat FAIL today.

Then I tried to create some business letterhead and that wasn’t working for me either.  Bad technology Monday!  So I headed upstairs to paint my nails. :p  Hey, we’re going out tonight so it’s fully justified.  Then I started laundry and finally decided to make some lunch.

The rain is killer today.  It is so dreary and yuck outside.  Such is life around these parts in April.  Constant rain.  On the menu was soup for sure!

Lunch time

Lunch time

I heated up some Pacific spicy chicken fajita soup and wow was it lacking.  I added:

  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Tomato sauce
  • Chicken stock
  • Salsa
  • Extra kidney beans

To this soup.  Now I don’t mind doctoring or fiddling with canned soup but that was a little too much extra work.  I won’t be getting that soup again!  Jeesh!  A WF red chili tortilla with hummus.  I love these tortillas!  So awesome and flavorful.  And some fruit in the middle.  An orange and two kiwis.  I ate bits of everything but not all of anything.

I stalked Bobbi’s markers online.  According to the website it said she finished Boston clocking in at 3:50:13.  Whoohoo! :woohoo:  Go girl!!  I can’t even imagine how dead tired I would be after running that. :p

Now guys I’m off!  I need to finish getting ready for our night out.  We are heading to The Hills Market for their Earth Week Feast tonight!  As a food blogger I’m beyond excited to be able to attend. :D  I have to iron our clothes and get things together.  My recap post will be up tomorrow and it will also be the official dinner post as well.

In other news, Missy is having some great giveaways on her site this week!  Please check them out, I’ve got my eye on this one!

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  1. I thought it was kind of interesting with the BSG finale that they were so far back in time on Earth — I wasn’t really expecting that part. I would say there aren’t many shows on that I really look forward to watching, but I do have a few that are more for helping to just pass the time until the weather is nicer and we can be outside more.

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