April 1st, 2009: Dinner (date night)

Hi guys!  Last night’s date night was so fun and relaxing.  And I was in bed by 10:30, wooottt!

The night started with some simple smoked salmon + cream cheese on some multigrain crusty bread.



I had two and they were yummy!  I’m definitely going to get the bigger package of smoked salmon from Sam’s next time we go.  The current package I bought from WF and it’s not all that much in quanity and it was pretty pricey.  I also had a POM spritzer with my appetizer, POM + seltzer.  Fancy. ;)

Dinner was easy peasy but sounds froo-froo and was very delish.

ooo la-la

ooo la-la

I sauteed up some red onion and swiss chard.  Added in some grated garlic, a splash of white, and a splash of chicken stock, letting that all hang out.  Last minute I added in some small already cooked shirmp and spooned portions over whole wheat couscous.  Good and some spicy kick at the end because I also added in spicy mustard, horseradish, and some red pepper flakes.  I didn’t eat that entire bowl but about 1/2?  The smoked salmon helped with filling me up.  I had a wine spritzer with dinner.  Splash of white and seltzer.

After dinner (and no cleanup because it was date night) we sat on the couch and watched some TV.  I had a glass of white and maltballs.

Dessert time

Dessert time

2 maltballs and I didn’t finish that glass.  It was a big pour and I gave myself an hour to sip it because I was going to bed.  I didn’t finish it in an hour and I didn’t want anymore so I passed it off to Scott.  Then I fell into a lovely coma in my bed.  My throat didn’t give me any issues last night and the wine didn’t seem to dry it out.  Hooray!!

I love date nights at home.  We can sit in our jammies and nibble on yummy special food while just relaxing and hanging out.  Leaving us both feeling loved and content. :blush:

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    • TRY, Sam’s actually has a few different brands and it’s over in the section where the meats are. I’m not sure of the brand names though. If you like scallops, they also have wild caught scallops that are huge and not too pricey. :)

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