April 19th, 2009: Breakfast, lunch, & dinner



Hi guys!  I slept decent enough last night and got up this morning early to get my run in.  I kept flip-flopping about whether or not I wanted to head to the new trail.  Laziness won out and I didn’t go.  I just couldn’t bring myself to put on my big girl shoes and walk there.  I headed out and did  a 3.5 mile run and as I was starting to make my second loop to run another 2.5 when I had an issue.  Er, I needed to use the restroom.  Normally I can just run through it but not today.  I headed home to make a pit stop (thank goodness I wasn’t on the trail!) and then headed back out for the rest of the 2.5er.  As I was running my upper thigh on the outside started to hurt and tighten up. Damnit!  I knew it was my IT band.  I walked a bit to let it calm down and then started running again, no go, it started to hurt again.  I stopped and walked over to a lamppost to stretch it out.  I walked some more, and then did a light run.  I was able to run the rest of the way home.  I cut my run short today and ended up walking/running for a total of 55 minutes.  I have no idea what the total mileage ended up being.

I drank some CS and stretched everything out.  Then I showered and woke Scott up.  He had to get up early today so he could mow.  It’s supposed to rain and he wanted the yard done before the rain started.  First mow of the season!  I’m sure our neighbors were happy as the lawn was a bit crazha!

Huge bowl of oatbran goodness

Huge bowl of oatbran goodness

I decided to make a big pot of oatbran to fuel us through the morning and afternoon instead of a more traditional style Sunday breakfast.

With coffee!  Mix-ins were:

  • Cranberries
  • Blueberry granola
  • Crushed Walnuts
  • Sm. scoop of cashew butter

YUM!  This was so filling and totally hit the spot!  It did the trick too and powered us through the morning and most of the afternoon!  I did:

Some work stuff

  • Walked Rocky
  • Load of laundry
  • PhysT exercises
  • Defuzzed

My new dresses needed washed because I’m wearing one tomorrow!  We’re going out to a foodie event and I’m pretty excited about it. :D  Scott was done with yard stuff and around 3pm we could finally sit down to lunch!  Or dinner?

Both!  Since it was late, we decided to eat leftovers for Linner and then have a snack later as we watch the Pens game.  They are up 2-0 against Philly and the third game started today at 3pm.  We’re taping it to watch for later.  So much easier because we can skip through commercials!

A few handfuls

A few handfuls

While Linner was heating and I was waiting for Scott to get out of the shower, I munched on some raisins.


My meal same as last night plus another egg.  Mmmmm!  Now I’m off to hang out with my boys and finish off this Sunday relaxing.  Already in my jammies.  Whee!

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