April 17th, 2009: Breakfast and dinner

Hi guys!  Getting up this morning was a little rough.  I had woken up around 6am, but I was not getting out of bed at that time.  I laid there trying to fall back asleep but there were too many external noises going on and I could only get to the twilight sleep stage and not further.  *grumble*  It was a little discouraging for my run but I made it out the door.



The weather was cool but nice this morning.  I didn’t have to wear a hoodie but did need my ear cover headband thingie.  Whatever you call them. :p  I only did an easy 4ish miles this morning.  My leg and everything felt fine.  There was a slight little burn feeling at the top of my thigh/hip when I started my cool down walk but it literally only last for like two seconds.

I had some CS and went right into my stretches.  I did my IT band stretches on both legs twice and then my normal yoga stretches.  Then it was time to hit the shower and put on my robe. Mmm robe I love you. :cheerful:

Sunshine morning

Sunshine morning

I made oatbran today and decided to add in some summery sunny mango.  Today is a glorious day!  Clear skies and bright bright sun, I wanted to keep the theme and energy going with breakfast.  Simple mix-in of some cashew butter.  Coffee was good and I had a second cup of it.  Not the entire mug, but enough.

I ran Rocks out for a quick walk and then it was time to head to PysT for my first full session.  Warm up, some different sort of strength exercises and then some stuff on the reformer.  Ending with another ultrasound and then I was on my way back home.

Lunch was easy and simple.  I wanted something light because it was late in the day and we might be heading out for dinner so I didn’t want to stuff myself if I was going to eat again in a few hours.

Still sunshiney

Still sunshiney

This is seriously my favorite kind of lunch, the type I can pick at and take my time eating.  I had all the bases covered:

Carbs & protein

Hummus on 12 grain bread


Carrot sticks


1.5 oranges

All food groups accounted for. :D  I don’t do dairy other than yogurt or cheese and I had plenty of cheese last night so if you’re gonna call me out on that, there’s my answer. ;)

Alright guys, it’s late (Friday has flown by!) and I need to make Scott purty so I’m off like a prom dress.

P.S.  Making Scott purty, means cutting his hair. ;)

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