April 14th, 2009: Dinner

Okay, so I had to quickly change out of my jammies so I could run Rocks out for a walk while there was a break in the rain.  It was a strange walk where we encountered some guy who barked at us. :O  I told you, it was strange.  Then I came home and put my jammies back on. :D

While dinner heated I had three of these:

sorta spicy

sorta spicy

Chipotle chips.  Not from the restaurant. ;)  Chipotle flavored chips.  They were okay but not knock your socks off or anything.  Finally dinner was ready.  Bring on Fish night!



Salmon in a teriyaki glaze, roasted asparagus, and some brown jasmine rice.  The rice was amazing today.  Perfectly cooked and just a hint of butter which I used a smidge of to toast the rice before adding the liquid.  Mmmm  I ate all of my asparagus, 1/2 the salmon, and most of the rice which was only a small amount.  I have it spread out on my plate so it looks like more.

Tricksey. :D

Trying to get caught up on Pens games!  Not loving the areas that don’t offer HD coverage (I’m looking at you Florida.  Again!) but what can you do.

Later tots, I’ll catch you early tomorrow!  Hopefully it won’t be raining and I can get a run in.  Whooo!

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