April 10th, 2009: Breakfast and lunch

Hi guys!  Last night while Scott and I watched TV (Lost and some Family Guy.  Oh Lost when are you going to stop being so predictable?  And also when is your scheduled end date? I would love to know that.  Thanks!) I had a glass of red and these.



Hello whole grain fishies!  I was just a bit munchy since the appetizers at the tasting last night were very filling.  This did the trick!  Naturally I did not eat that entire bowl.  I had maybe two handfuls.  I also had a small (very small) splash of white.  Then it was off to beddy-bye where I slept through the entire night. :o  I never ever do that, so amazing!

I got up at 7am and got Rocky taken care of.  As I was contemplating a short run, I saw that it was raining outside.  That takes care of that.  I didn’t even have coffee first.  I realize how much of a feat this is for me, but honestly if there are things that need to get done or need my attention, then I will go right to them.  I worked on my recap of last evening’s Tastecasting and got that posted.  Then I woke Scott up and finally had that cup of coffee.

waking up

waking up

Mmmm so good!  Called Enchanted Evening and we bought it at Meijer.  Their slection of organic and fair trade coffees is pretty good.  After a bit I finally got hungry and made some breakfast.



I had another 1/2 mug of coffee and some:

  • 2% fage
  • Banana nut bear naked
  • Cranberries
  • Raisins

Mmmmm  I’m trying to keep my meals a bit lighter since my running is slow to nonexistant at the moment.

After breakfast it was more work stuff and then I cleaned the house.  Finally it was time for lunch around late afternoonish.

bistro salad

bistro salad

Mixed greens salad with homemade roasted tomato vinaigrette, oh so good!  By far my favorite dressing I’ve made.  Since the dressing reminded me a bit like a smoky tangy BBQ sauce, I added some smoked almonds to the salad.

  • Mixed greens
  • Cucumber
  • Carrot
  • Crushed smoked almonds


Fabbo!  And on the side was some apple slices, good sharp cheddar, and ham slices for Scott.  I had a good bit of the apple, and a few very tiny pieces of cheese.  Lord I love that cheese.  It’s by Cabot and I can purchase large blocks of it at Sam’s.  YUM!

I have to get Rocks out for his walk since the rain has stopped for the moment.  Then it’s back to cleaning and organizing.  I’ve got a roast hanging out with a nice dry rub and I’ve got an experiment brewing in my head that I am dying to work on.  Once Rocky’s walk is done, it’s back to the kitchen for me!

6 thoughts on “April 10th, 2009: Breakfast and lunch

  1. I think that LOST is scheduled to be over in 2010…I remember reading that somewhere and thinking “wow, just in time for my college graduation!”

    It is a bit predictable although I didn’t expect Jack to refuse to help little Ben a few episodes ago…Can’t wait to see how your kitchen experiments turn out! :)

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