Tuesday Tip: Washing your hands

We all know that washing our hands is important.  Changing of the seasons, going from Winter to Spring, and from Summer to Fall, seems to be a time when germs and sickness prevails.  It’s almost like everyone is sniffling or coughing or sneezing.   Going out in public during these times is almost like a video game where in order to reach your goal you have to dodge and get by obstacles.

“Kid with runny nose at my 9, dodge to the right.  Ack! It’s Sneezy Senior headed straight for me cruising at a steady assisted-walker speed. Note: Walker has four wheels not two, must backtrack doubletime.  Okay, okay.  Easy.  Target spotted.   Only one hacking guy at my 2 to get past and then I’m home free at the deli counter.  Silent prayer to whomever that the deli lady doesn’t have the sniffles.  Restock. Allow health to replenish then make way to the dairy aisle.”

Don’t pretend like you all have not played this game while you are out grocery shopping.

And with cold season and allergy season upon us, it means we need to protect ourselves as best we can.  Since we can’t wear our bio-hazard gear without causing a stir, something we can do is wash our hands and wash them properly.

Oh yes, there is a proper way to wash hands.  According to the Mayo Clinic we are supposed to wash our hands for at least 15-20 seconds.  I supposed you could count it out, “1Mississipi, 2Mississipi….” and so on, but I choose to sing to myself.

In my head!  In my head!  It’s not like I’m busting out karaoke style.  Not out in public anyway.  Well not at home either because what I sing to myself is the Happy Birthday song and that’s not something one can really rock out to.  I sing Happy Birthday to myself two times and call it good for hand washing.

I was happy to see that the Mayo Clinic also suggests the same thing! *hifive* Mayo Clinic!  Other suggestions are the ABCs and Row Your Boat.  Those would help kids but I’m not really a Row Your Boat fan nor an ABC song fan.  Happy Birthday is just happy!  What else is happy?

Counting to 12.  Sesame Street Style.

Oh yeah, count to 12 twice and you’re good to go.  Now that we can rock out to! :D

Mayo Clinic Link

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Washing your hands

  1. LOL love that vid
    My dad always taught us to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice (the whole song) and then rinse… people always wondered why his weirdo kids sang that song 50 times a day :)

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