TT: Freezing dish soap to use for icing injuries

So useful...

So useful...

It’s spring time soon to be summer and that means outdoor activities will increase.  Whether participating in a sport, doing some sort of exercise, or heck, just raking the lawn, we’ve all experienced an injury.  A twisted ankle, stubbed toe, and the like.  Thus requiring elevation and ice.  There are handy little packets filled with some sort of goo that you freeze and can then use for icing purposes. For those of us who are cheap like to be thrifty, there’s always the frozen veggie trick.  Using some sort of frozen vegetable laid across the inured area instead of ice or frozen goo packets.  Peas and corn seem to be the common choices.

But I’m here to share with you another trick that my wonderful husband discovered which brings us the Tuesday Tip for this week. Take a sandwich baggie and fill it halfway with dish soap.  Flatten it out and plop that in the freezer for several hours.  The dish soap doesn’t freeze solid, so when you use it for icing purposes, it will wrap around or comform to the area you are icing.  Like your ankle, for example.  It’s frozen enough to provide gentle icing where you need it.  When it is “thawed” to room temperature, you just chuck it back in the freezer.  Unlike veggies which I’m pretty sure you have to either eat or discard.  Yes you can freeze them again for more icing purposes, but best label them if you’re going to do that.  And dish soap is a lot cheaper than those frozen goo packets.

We’ve done it and it works.  The upside is that it doesn’t feel as harsh as straight up ice in a baggie, but a lot more soothing and tolerable.  Next time you have something that needs iced, give this trick a try and see what you think!

Hat Tip: To Olga because she’s got shin splints and I passed this tip along to her as well. :D

8 thoughts on “TT: Freezing dish soap to use for icing injuries

  1. That’s a great tip! I used to have one of those big gel things for my knee but it eventually started leaking. Ice cubes weren’t the same, but this sounds like a good alternative.

  2. oooh and you could buy the cheap no name stuff to use for this (which doesn’t sud properly). What a brilliant idea. I always just used a bag of ice and a towel. Which didn’t really work that well.

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