Running pants and skirt, who wants them?

Hey guys!  Here’s the deal, I have two things that do not fit me anymore and I thought maybe one of you would like them.  One is a running skirt:

Large skirt by Champion

Large skirt by Champion

Black, looks like a sort of wrap style skirt with a nice racing stripe down the side.  There are attached shorts inside.  This skirt is a size Large and made by Champion.  There is also a little pocket in the back perfect for gels, tissues, or whatever you might need a little pocket for.  This skirt is brand new that I bought last year and have never ever worn other than to try it on realizing it doesn’t fit me.  I have not ever worked out in this skirt.


Black exercise pants by Champion

Black exercise pants by Champion

Is a pair of black spandex exercise pants by Champion, size Large.  These have a form fitting type of fit but flare out at the bottom so they are not and do not look like tights.  I have worn these pants only 3 times for working out.  They are extremely comfortable and move with you.

There is nothing wrong with these two items, they just don’t fit me anymore.  If you’re interested in one or both of them, either leave me a comment or email me.  I’ll mail them out to you!  First come, first served. :D

P.S. No these are not the pants I just discussed here.  Those were tights that were falling down. :p

UPDATE:  Nobody wants them?  Okay, into the donation pile they go!

2 thoughts on “Running pants and skirt, who wants them?

  1. Hey I found your awesome blog from nhershoes! I am running a marathon in april and have been wanting to try a running skirt but can’t afford a brand new one right now…I would be very interested in purchasing both items from you if possible??

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