Review: Sunview Organic Red Seedless Raisins

Sunview Red Seedless Raisins

Sunview Red Seedless Raisins

Oh man growing up I hated raisins.  Like even the thought of eating them was gag inducing.  The only raisins around when I was a kid were either some scary off brand things or SunMaid.  And SunMaid raisins are the worst because it’s like eating a box of pebbles.  My parents didn’t typically have raisins around the house too much unless my mom was making raisin pies or cookies for my dad, which he loved.  God knows why.  But some how every Halloween a box or two of raisins found their way into my little plastic pumpkin because some neighbor took an evil turn and decided raisins would be a better treat.  Really?

“Here’s a box of pebbles kid. Don’t rot your teeth out.  Take the quicker root and break them on these!” This is basically what a kid hears when that box of raisins drops into their plastic pumpkin like a ton of bricks (or pebbles?).

I’m sorry SunMaid but your raisins are not good and the animated girl you use now as your spokesperson is actually really creepy. But moving along, now that I’m an adult I have more adult-like and more refined tastes (shutup, I totally do!).  There have been times where I have had a dish with raisins and loved them.  The raisins were huge and plump and juicy.  Not dried out little gross things.  And it always baffled me because I had no idea where people were finding these raisins.

I thought maybe I just had bad memories of SunMaid and decided now that I was a real adult, to try them again.

I wasn’t wrong, they were gross.  I tried soaking them though to make them juicy and that didn’t work either.  However I can be extremely stubborn (it’s in my roots) and I wasn’t giving up!  Somewhere there had to be decent raisins.  And then I stumbled on these at the grocery store, in the organic area of the produce aisle.

not pebbles

not pebbles

Meet the seedless red raisin by Sunview.  These things are the best things ever.  They are sweet and a little chewy and I love them.  I eat them enough that I decided it was time to give them their own feature.  I have only seen them at my local Meijer and I stock up on them when I can.  I eat raisins as my go-to snack when I’m hungry.  It helps keep the cranky away and it’s fruit so bonus right there.  They also have black and green raisins as well, but I have not tried those yet.  My heart right now belongs to the red.

If you don’t like raisins, I say give these guys a taste and see what you think.  And if you do like raisins, then these are like the golden ticket!  I highly suggest trying to find these guys.  I can eat them straight up and I’ve cooked with them as well.  And eaten them in salads, oatmeal, yogurt, you get the point. ;)  And they won’t break your teeth either.  Score! Although I still wouldn’t hand them out at Halloween.

12 thoughts on “Review: Sunview Organic Red Seedless Raisins

  1. This is kinda funny because I just made some raisin walnut bread yesterday, with SunMAID raisins. Maybe it’s because they’re cooked, but I thought they were pretty good in the bread – in fact a much better taste than the organic raisins I tried earlier in bread. Which surprised me, because I always thought the Sunmaid raisins were little boring pebbles as well.

    But I agree with you on the creepy Sunmaid girl. They should hire like Jennifer Love Hewitt and put her in a bonnet instead.

  2. So, can you get them in a small package? ‘Cause I am a big raisin hater, and I wouldn’t want to waste money on a big container of raisins only to find I don’t like the non-pebble versions, either.
    I am open to trying, though!

    • Jazzi, I’ve not seen them in the small packages. Only the larger cannisters. The website would probably have that sort of information listed (I would hope!).

  3. I’ll check at our neighborhood co-op store. They’ll be more likely to have organic raisins, and may even have them in bulk, so I could just get a few to try. Thanks for reviewing!

  4. Late to the game, but have to say *these raisins are SO GOOD!* I started with the black ones and can’t force myself to stop buying those because of their awesomeness, but I’m sure the others don’t disappoint, either. They look stunning in dishes, and people are delighted to learn they’re organic, too.

    We used to get the SunMaid raisins out after having them in the fridge awhile and find they were just a big hard block of sugar. So gross. Pebbles indeed.

  5. christine merlino says:

    OMG!!! THESE are the most AWESOME Raisens EVER! Like the writer of this article , I hated raisens…Then, when I decided to “eat CLEAN” and give up white flour, sugars(sweets) I came across these at my “Local Mejiers Store”…I was addicted! I bought the “Jumbo “BlacK” ones…I knocked off that whole canister in a week…Plain, in oatmeal…LOVED THEM!…I ran back to the store and “no Blacks anywhere!BUMMER!…So I bought the RED…VERY GOOD, but nothing compared to the taste of the Black ones…Finished those in two weeks…I go back to Meijers…Quess what?…They DISCONTIUNED!!!!!I was sooooo upset…Now, I’m on a MAD seach for these beauties! Trying to purchase on line…HELP ME!!

  6. Chris says:

    We love Sunview Raisins. They are so special. I just wish that they came in bulk. Other raisins, organic or not, are not substitutes. These raisins are more expensive than the others. But, buying them in the canister has to be a more expensive packaging than the bag, but may be a key reason why they are so moist and plump. I hate running out of stuff. I also would like to have immediate gratification at a lower price. Other than cutting down on our consumption or cutting them out completely, any suggestions?

  7. Drew says:

    Funny thing! I stumbled on this website when I googled “Can I Live On Raisins Only” after buying 2 canisters of Sunview raisins. I go through a canister in a couple of hours. I am a raisin eater. I know raisins. Sunview Raisins are the best!!!

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