Review: 2% Fage

2% Fage

2% Fage

I decided to add a new tag to my reviews so that I can start telling you about my favorite things.  Sure a review of a product I’ve tried is fun but I thought you might be interested in some of the things I consider my staples, my must-haves.

Daily Eats readers will recognize this item, my precious 2% Fage.  Ever since I dived into the Greek yogurt world, I have not left it.  There are different varieties around and I’ve tried some and will be trying more, but 2% Fage has my heart.

For those unfamiliar with Greek yogurt, it is a yogurt that has been strained leaving a very thick product behind.  The texture is sort of a cross between good sour cream and a cream cheese, very dense and rich.  Greek yogurt also tends to have more protein than regular yogurt.  Part of the reason why I’m a fan, to me, more protein is always a good thing.

Fage comes in three types:

  • Total which means full fat
  • 2% which is 2% fat content
  • 0% which has no fat at all

The full fat version has just a bit too much fat for me.  I have tried the 0% but didn’t care for it too much.  The taste didn’t really sit right on my tongue and the texture wasn’t as creamy.  2% is where the love is.  It has just enough fat to give it a lovely creamy texture but not so much that you have to eat lettuce for the rest of the day.

Good for you...

Good for you...

Greek yogurt is very tart, that combined with its texture and ability to be heated makes it very handy in the kitchen.  Because of its tartness, it can be used in savory dishes as a replacement for sour cream.  We’ve put it on tacos, mixed it in soup, made dressings and dips out of it.  Add in a bit of sweetness to lead you down a whole other path.  You can top it with a bit of fruit preserves, mix in some granola, dried, or fresh fruit, and you have an amazing snack.

To make sure I’m taking in good protein and getting some calcium, I eat yogurt almost everyday.  I love when it’s yogurt time!  For those that have never tried Greek yogurt before, it can take some getting used to.  But don’t give up! Play around with it and see what happens.

My favorite ways to eat 2% Fage:

  • Using it to make a ranch type dressing for veggies and salads
  • 2% fage + chocolate granola + dried cranberries (or cranberry jelly in the fall)
  • Adding a bit to guacamole for some extra tang and creaminess
  • Yogurt messes, which can be found all over my Daily Eats blog.  Like today for example!

Fage also has single containers of the three types or you can buy singles with a bit of fruit that you scoop onto the yogurt.  Peach being my favorite of those.

That large tub lasts us about a week, maybe a little less. The serving size is 1 Cup, but because of the texture and richness of the yogurt, 1 Cup is actually quite a bit!  For a snack, my serving is not even a 1/4C of yogurt.  While for a meal, I probably do have 1/4C, with mix-ins it makes for a decent breakfast.

No lie, I will make Scott drive me all over to so I can have yogurt in my fridge.  I have to look for it because sometimes if the grocery store is out, it takes a while before they restock.  If I have trouble finding some and cannot get my yogurt fix, I become really crabby about the situation.  I’m telling you, it’s good stuff!!  If you haven’t given Greek yogurt a try, pick up some Fage and see what you think!

7 thoughts on “Review: 2% Fage

  1. This whole time I was thinking I hadn’t investigated Fage yet – for some reason it didn’t click that it’s the BRAND. I think I’ve been dense. Greek yogurt is great, we get it pretty often =)

  2. Is that pronounced ‘fa zhay?’

    Cause I really can’t see myself eating something ‘faggy.’

    I’m sure you understand.

    Sorry, had to.

    Good review tho, I may actually see if it exsists way out west here.


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