March is birthday month, so it’s all about ME!

kisses for you!

kisses for you!

Hello my lovies!  Let’s chat a minute about how great March is, okay?  March means that while we may experience some crazy-azz weather, it’s almost Spring!  March means the sun shines a little more and we get a little more daylight both in the morning and in the evening.  March means the birds are back and are starting to make more birdies.

But most excitedly, March means it’s birthday time!  OHC owner, president, and CEO has a birthday this month!  Which means me. :D

I love my birthday because it’s all about me and I get to feel super special. :D  If you remember from Scott’s birthday, we celebrate birthdays all week here at the HQ.  I’ve decided for my birthday, the festivities extend to the blog and I will be doing some extra special fun stuff.  And I also will be doing some posts that are a little more focused on me!  Meaning, posts about my goals and achievements thus far.  And while things may be a little more centered around me, I promise it’s going to be more reflective and introspective and not quite so Andrea-fabulous (not that there’s anything wrong with that! ;) ).

The big day is not this week but next week (falling on a spectacularly “spooky” day) and I’ve been planning out how the week will go and the birthday menu.  YUM!  Plus putting together some fun things for the site.  What do I have in store?  Well you’re just going to have to stay tuned to find out.

Hooray for March!

7 thoughts on “March is birthday month, so it’s all about ME!

  1. Happy Birthday a little early! I fully support a birthday week and make sure myself and those around me celebrate as much as they can. :)

    I looked at the date today and honestly can’t believe it is March already. I’m happy about it, but still in disbelief.

  2. March is awesome! From one March b-day person to another, happy b-day in advance. Uh, so would you be Friday the 13th? =) If so, then I’m a week later, first day of spring…

  3. emily says:

    March bdays are the best. Both of my kids were born this month (not this year though), and i love it. Such a springy time of year.

    I wish i could celebrate my bday all in style but un/fortunately i share a bday with my hubby. We still let our families spoil us though.

    Happy Birthday! ( a little early, but growing up we got to celebrate the whole month so i think everyone else should too)

  4. I’ve never had a birthday on a Friday the 13th. Of course, my birthday’s the 12, so…..

    I stopped by the Post Office today…

    Can you guess what that means?


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