2009 Birthday Giveaway Contest CLOSED

Hi guys!  I am totally amazed with all of your comments for my little giveaway!  Part of the reason I posted it early was so that there was plenty of time for people to see it.  I thought maybe I would get at most, 30 or so comments.  I never in my dreams expected over 100.  YOU GUYS ROCK!  Okay, here is a list of those who linked back thus earning them a second chance at winning.  If you do not see your name and blog listed please let me know before 4pm EST so that I can be sure to add you in before picking a winner.  Here we go:

Helen  (Helen’s Journey)
Monica (Okie)
Junghwa (blueskyworld.wordpress.com)
Dana (danaontheroad.blogspot.com)
Brandi (branappetit.wordpress.com)
Lindsay (love of oats)
Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds)
Michelle (luckytastebuds)
Becky (Searching for OZ)
Hannah (fickleberry.wordpress.com)
Maggie (Salad Girl)
Heather (Hangry Pants)
Krista (Krista’s Kravings)
Sarah (Tales of Expansion)
LIsa (lifeloveviolin.blogspot.com)
Lesley (lborger.blogspot.com)
Melissa (ahappyandhealthylife.blogspot.com)
Lora (honeynutlo.com)
Sarah (lovinmytummy.wordpress.com)
Livin’ It (rotatingflyingteacups.blogspot.com)
Emily (nutritiousisdelicious.blogspot.com)
Emmy (emmyster.wordpress.com)
Hannah (finkleberry.wordpress.com)
Sarah W (sarawithanhishealthy.wordpress.com)
Erika (peaceandpeanutbutter.wordpress.com)

I have so many new blogs and faces to check out!  Please know that while it will take me some time, I will get to your blog and visit with you. :D  Hooray for new friends!  See you at 4pm EST for the winner!

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