Sunrise Fizzie

The starters

The starters

Sundays in our house are pretty laid back.  I try to make sure we have zero plans on Sunday so that we can do whatever we feel like whenever we feel like it.  I usually stick to my same schedule so I’m up early but Scott sleeps in.  I’ll usually start breakfast and the smell of what I’m making that day will wake him up and he’ll eventually drift into the kitchen.

I try and keep things traditional on Sundays as well and make us a nice Sunday breakfast.  It makes for a nice treat and a great way to end a week.  This past Sunday we were eating peanut butter pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and some breakfast sausage on the side.  There was also a fruit salad dressed in some greek yogurt with a hint of vanilla added to it.  Along with our meal we had these fizzies.  We always have juice with our breakfast and sometimes for a change of pace we have mim-faux-sas.  OJ + seltzer (or club soda if you prefer).  This Sunday I wanted to kick it up a little bit and ended up making a blended fizzie which we both loved.

Andrea’s Sunrise Fizzie

  • 1/2 C of frozen chopped mango
  • 1 C of frozen chopped pineapple
  • 1 C of orange juice
  • 1 C of mandarin (or orange) flavored seltzer

In a blender add the first three ingredients until smooth.  Add in the seltzer and mix with a spoon (do not mix using the blender or you’ll have a mess) until both are combined.  Pour into glasses and serve!  Makes two fizzies.

Sunrise Fizzie

Sunrise Fizzie

We both loved this fizzie and it was a great drink to have on what was a very sunny Sunday.  It definitely makes you think of warm temperatures, sunny days, and lounging around soaking it all in.  This would be the perfect drink to have poolside or while in a hottub relaxing and enjoying life.

Of course you can use whatever carbonated beverage you prefer and if it happens to be a special day, champagne or sparkling wine would be a great substitution.

Have fun guys!  And remember, always play with your food!

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