New Feature: Feet on the Street

Feet on the Street Giveaway

Feet on the Street Giveaway

Welcome to OHC’s newest feature for 2009: Feet on the Street.  Bringing attention to what keeps us runners moving and grooving: our shoes! It seems like more people start thinking a little more seriously about running in the spring and summer months.  The weather starts getting warmer, the days longer, and that tends to make people want to be outside doing something!  Sure, running in the winter happens (I do it!) but most times it’s the warmer months that get us moving.  I started running in July and didn’t even think about running earlier than that.

One of the things that is very important to a runner is their shoes. First and foremost, one needs good shoes. No skimping! And I thought, who better to ask about shoes than those of us who run AND blog about it.  The blogsphere is huge and there are lots of lovelies out there willing to share tips and tricks on running.   Putting a feature together highlighting the different shoes we wear and why, I thought would be beneficial to people who might be starting out with a running program.  One can’t just wear any old shoe and hit the pavement.  Well you could but that could lead to injuries and we want to prevent that at all costs. Starting this month and going all the way to December, I’ll be highlighting a different blogger each month and we’ll be talking running and shoes!

Hopefully this feature will be informational and helpful to us all!  But I also want it to be fun!  To kick off the feature, I’m giving away that t-shirt you see up there.  I got this t-shirt from Women’s Running magazine (for subscribing, they didn’t just send it to me) and I think it’s very cute!  However pink isn’t really my color but I know there are those of you who love it!  So I’m passing it on to whoever wants it.  Its size is large and I will say this shirt appears to be on the big side.  Maybe it will shrink in the wash?  But whoever wants it, I will mail you the shirt.  And maybe some extra goodies if you’re nice. ;)  Just leave a comment with your thoughts on this new feature and letting me know you’d like the shirt.  If there seems to be a few of you who want the shirt, I’ll draw a number.  :D

Hooray!  Here’s to an exciting year of new stuffs at OHC!!

6 thoughts on “New Feature: Feet on the Street

  1. Very cool – I’m interested to hear what people say about shoes since I’ve just started up running (figure I should be taking advantage of year round running weather here). In the past, I’ve just gotten whatever cross-trainers were on sale at Big 5, usually $20-40. I’d like to know if there are options for decent running shoes that don’t break the bank!

  2. I can’t really run at this point with my knee (hoping if I lose weight, it might help my knee), but I hope to walk quite a bit once the weather warms up here and I’ve wondered if those need to be two different kind of shoes or are they similar? I think the shirt is cute but since I won the last drawing, I’ll stay out of this one (unless no one else wants it).

  3. I can’t wait to keep up with this feature :)

    I know I promised to send you some pictures and I am still working on it. I just wanted to break my new shoes in first so they’re not unrealistically white when you post them ;)

  4. Natalie says:

    great shirt and great feature idea! i’d love the shirt although it’s going to be huge, but i’m all for shrinking it :)

    i’m a big runner and recently started having knee problems. there are a lot of causes but the doctor DID tell me that i need to replace my shoes every 300-400 miles (doesn’t take long to get there for me!)…a little frustrating bc shoes are expensive it, but worth it to keep the injuries at bay!

  5. Laura T says:

    Great idea for a new feature on OHC. I always love reading the running shoe reviews in mags like “Runners World” so an ongoing feature on your blog would be great! I am always amazed by the wealth of information I gain by reading everyone’s comments and ideas found in blogs!!
    *PS* I would love the shirt. I love the color and the runner girl!

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