Let the search begin!

Where are you, PB bunnies!

Where are you, PB bunnies!

When I was a kid growing up, I looked forward to Easter!  Actually a little more than I did Christmas, if we’re going to be truthful.  It wasn’t because of the candy because candy was and still is, just okay to me.  Not something I flip over usually.  It was because I had to search for my Easter basket.  My mom would turn it into a treasure hunt.  There would be little notes all over the house filled with clues and I would wander around searching for my basket.

There was always a bunny in my basket.  Now I got two bunnies, a chocolate one and a peanut butter one.  Oh yes, a peanut butter bunny.  For someone who loves peanut butter, those bunnies were tops.  And I loved them more than the chocolate bunnies.  Ever since I’ve been out on my own, I have looked for peanut butter bunnies and have come up empty.


Almost as if this was some sort of imaginary memory of mine, I can’t find peanut butter bunnies.  Scott has no memory of peanut butter bunnies and says he’s never had one when growing up.  For years I have been on the search for the elusive peanut butter bunny.  One year, I was successful.  I found peanut butter bunnies at Big Lots (Odd Lots to some) and I jumped for joy and bought boxes of them.  This was five years ago.  I haven’t seen any since then.  And I always look.   Whatever store I’m in that sells Easter candy, I search it thoroughly.

I see chocolate bunnies and I see milk bunnies but no peanut butter bunnies.  And let’s still keep it honest here, who actually buys milk flavored things?  Really?  Milk?  Who says, “Hey you know what I want?  Oh man a piece of candy flavored just like milk!  Doesn’t that sound like a great way to treat myself?  Milk flavored candy, yeah!”

So I’m putting forth this challenge to you, if you see a peanut butter bunny out somewhere, take a picture of it and send it to me.  Let me know where you are (city, state) and what store you found it in.  I want to see if peanut butter bunnies still do exist.  And I’m going to continue my hunt for the elusive peanut butter bunny!

6 thoughts on “Let the search begin!

  1. Milk flavored. Yeah, that makes sense, ’cause whenever I have something sweet, I wash it down with milk. What do you wash that crap down with?




  2. good luck on the peanut butter bunny quest. So, you’re sure they weren’t imaginary because if they were they would support my theory that they were magic bunnies, magic friends, until the end of time.

  3. I don’t eat PB, so if they have them in this area, I wouldn’t have noticed — but I will look for you and pick them up, if I can find them. I tend to like the flavored nouget treats that are covered in chocolate (kind of like a 3 Musketeers) by Russell Stovers. They make them for every holiday so that’s usually my one treat.

    • Becky, wheee! That would be awesome! I’m a “meltaway” fan myself. So PB meltaways, or raspberry meltaways rock. Nougats are okay if there are nuts involved.

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