February 9th, 2009: Breakfast and lunch

Hi lovlies!  It was a little rough getting up this morning.  Ugh.  Silly me for staying up too late!  I got up at 7:30ish which is still a decent amount of sleep just not quite enough for me I guess.  I was surprised to see frost this morning when I ran Rocky out.  We’ve been having some seriously warm weather for this time of year and frost was the last thing I expected to see.  It wasn’t all that chilly though when I went out so I knew it wouldn’t last too long.



I made a light breakfast of coffee, and a kashi waffle with a bit of dark chocolate PB and some cranberries on top.  I ate while looking over some blogs and checking email.  After breakfast I got to work on last night’s dinner post only to be thwarted by my laptop who said I was out of space.  *grumble*  I love my little laptop but it’s time to move over to the Gimp.  My PC machine that does all my bidding for me.  He currently runs Windows (which I need for work) and Linux Mint, which I need for everything else because faith and trust in Windows is something I do not have.  I may start looking at the switch more seriously later this evening.  Right now I have too much work and things to accomplish to take the time out to do it right away.

Anyways, I took Rocky for a midmorning stroll and we were able to take the long route again.  It has been a while since we were able to do that.  Either it’s been too cold forcing us to stick to shorter routes or we’ve had snow.  And since not everyone shovels their walks (huge pet peeve), a longer walk was out of the question.  It was nice being outside, it helped clear my head of Monday cobwebs.

Once back, I had a small snack.



2 prunes, some raisins, and 7 smoked almonds.  Mmmmm

I did some more bloggity and work stuffs before heading into the kitchen to make a nice comforting lunch.  Even though it’s warm today, it’s pretty icky outside.  Very gloomy and overcast with everything being a soggy wet mushfest outside.  I decided on tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch.



Amy’s tomato soup + a 5oz can of V8 to help bump the soup up.  Grilled cheese on flax and fiber bread.  The grilled cheese had two wee slices of cheddar, two slices of tomato, a slice of turkey bacon, and then some goat cheese crumbles.  So very very good and totally hit the spot.

I started having tomato grilled cheese a few years back when I saw it mentioned on Gilmore Girls.  Shoutout to Luke’s because someone had “ordered” it and I thought it sounded like a good combo.  Then I had the bright idea to add turkey bacon and it has been one of my favorite sandwiches ever since. :D

Another random factoid, I went to college in central PA.  And the folks there called grilled cheese sandwiches, toasted cheese.  As in, “Hey you want a toasted cheese?”  A what?  :lol:

And now it’s back to work and bloggy stuff.  I’m putting together what I hope will be some very cool stuff for the blog.  It has me super excited!

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  1. Ted makes his grilled cheeses with tomatoes and carmelized onions and a couple of cheeses (cheddar, mozz and maybe feta). Granted, this is not the low-cal version but it’s sooooo good.

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