February 3rd, 2009: Lunch and dinner

Hi guys!  Not long after posting about breakfast, I actually started thinking about lunch!  I didn’t have a mid-morning snack so I was hungry!  But I didn’t really know what I wanted to eat.



Eventually I decided on what I think was an Asian patty from Morningstar.  I say, “think” because I have a section in the freezer holding all the veggie stuff and it was just in there all by its lonesome.  It smelled like the Asian patties so that’s what I’m going with. :p  I put it on a sandwich thin with a romaine leaf, slice of colby jack and a little bit of mayo and buffalo sauce (wha? Seriously what is my deal with all this buffalo sauce business!).  In the middle is a green apple and a carrot that Scott and I split.

After lunch was Rocky’s walk.  Man it was cold!  It felt colder than when I ran this morning.  It must have been the wind because there was no wind for my run.  It was actually warmer outside but didn’t feel like it.  Apparently we are supposed to be heading into more bitter cold temps.  Single digits and below.  Color me pleased. :twitch:

I did some bloggity stuffs and I was counting down the minutes till I could eat some yogurt.  I guess I really could have had it whenever but I was waiting till it was closer to MT class.  Finally it was time and I was so happy!  For some reason I just really wanted to have some yogurt today.

so good

so good

I had 2% fage with some apricot preserves, chocolate granola, and some cranberries.  I know, I loaded it all up!  So yummy and a perfect little snacky before class.

It’s been a week since we’ve been to Muay Thai and I was so happy to be back in class!  I got to work with a new girl today, it was her second class but first time doing partner drills.  Partner drills are where we pair up and our instructor gives us a combo to work on which we do together.  So after we got our combo she looked at me and said:

So, I’m going to actually hit you and kick you?


So cute!  She did really well today and I hope she comes back.  I love working with new people. :cheerful:

After class, I was starving!  We were on the way home discussing our banana and yogurt situation when we finally decided to make a quick stop and pick some up.  We got bananas but no Fage.  The universe is conspiring against me on that for some reason.

Dinner was leftovers from yesterday!



Veggie brunswick stew.  YUM!  I only had a small portion because I wanted to snack on something later.  Scott informed me that we had an open bottle of wine still from Saturday that needs taken care of.  Oh boy!  So I’ll be having a small glass of red later with a snack.  Maybe fishies?  I’m feeling a little carby.  I’ll post that tomorrow though!

I’ve had a great day today!  And there’s excitement for tomorrow so stay tuned! :D

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