February 2nd, 2009: Dinner

Hi guys!  I had some success today finding a present for Scott’s b-day.  I love it!  I just hope he likes it.  The main thing I want to get him is still unattainable at this time.  *grumble*  He did get something good today, his new monitor arrived!  It’s a 24 inch.  I’m taking his old 20 inch and hooking it up to my wee laptop.  Poor laptop, I love him but am currently cursing him at the same time.  He’s just too small for my needs.  I thought about getting another iMac but am flip-flopping back and forth on that.  I need a new computer it’s just a matter of what I finally decide on.

Anyways, food!!  All I wanted for dinner was something with a lot of veggies in it.  I finally decided on a stew type deal.

dinner time

dinner time

I did a take on New Brunswick stew and omitted the meat.  Tomato base with a hint of bbq sauce and chipotle in the background for some heat.  In the stew is:

  • Onions
  • Green pepper
  • Carrot
  • Celery
  • Corn
  • Lentils
  • Pinto beans
  • Green beans
  • Chopped potato
  • Chipotle pepper

Very yummy and totally hit the spot.  On the side I had some fiber and flax toast points with a bit of butter.  Then I had a bite of Scott’s Italian bread to help pick up the last bits of the stew. :D

just a nibble

just a nibble

This is an extremely late weekday dinner for us.  I have to chuckle when people start talking about eating dinner so early, and they’re referring to like 6pm. :p  During the weekday on days we don’t have MT, we eat at 5pm. Yup!  I like being done with dinner and cleanup by 6pm if I can help it.  Then we have the rest of the evening for whatever.


Oh She Glows has been taking to drinking a green monster in the mornings and it’s pretty interesting.  Interesting enough that it’s got me thinking about making a juice in the mornings to have with breakfast and then having coffee later or after my runs.  It would help get in extra fruit and veggies for the day as well.  Plus all the benefits of having the vitamins and minerals from raw produce.  I talked with Scott about it and he said he would be willing to try it also!  I lurves him. :cupidarrow:  He’s such a good hunnies!  So we’re talking it over and researching it a little bit.

Have you ever made your own juice before?  Or tried a juice someone made for you?  What are your thoughts on juicing?  Any knowledge or tips you could pass along?

2 thoughts on “February 2nd, 2009: Dinner

  1. My grandma used to make us juices when we were little and I LOVED them…I don’t have a juicer, but if I did, I’d totally do it! I think it’s a great way to incorporate more fruit/veggies into the day’s foods!

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