February 24th, 2009: Dinner

Whoa! I just typed December up there instead of February.  Wha the wha???  That was weird.  Sorry I didn’t post last night guys but I was just too wiped out.

Before leaving for MT class, I had a wee bit of yogurt for a snack.



I ate that while reading.  2% fage, bear naked, and some raisins.  And then it was class time!  So far my foot is doing okay but my shin guard irritates it.  The shin guards also come down over our feet and that’s the part that rubs on my bruise.  I had a guy in class last night say to me, “You’re looking really fit.”  :lol:  Aww he was so nice about it too and I could tell he was trying to be cautious because you can’t approach chicks about their weight, right?  Too cute.  I thanked him and then we started punching each other because it was time to start the drill.

After class I totally did not feel like making what I had planned out.  I just wanted something super simple, small, and easy.  God love my husband because he’s all, “Whatever you want to do honey is fine.”  He just rolls with it.  I pulled out leftover deep dish pizza for him and made myself a pita pizza.

easy peasy

easy peasy

On WW pita brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with garlic powder and Italian seasoning.  Then chopped spinach, a little bit of mozeralla, and diced tomatoes and garlic.  With a few banana peps thrown in for good measure.  That small scoop of stuff, is some beans and onions off of Scott’s pizza. I only had a bit of that though, just wasn’t too hungry last night.  We watched the last period of a Pens game and then at 8:30, I headed up to bed to read.  I was so worn out.  I read until 10pm and called it quits.  I should have went to bed sooner but I was too busy (just typed buzy, which looks much better) being snug.

I’m about 3/4 through New Moon and I must say at this point I’m Team Jacob because I actually find Edward to be a tiresome douchbag.  Bella is still just as annoying as ever and I have no love for her and idiotic emo ways.  And a huge pet peeve of mine right now?  In this book she gets a camera for a birthday present and talks about GETTING THE ROLL OF FILM DEVELOPED.  Um.  Just no.  In this day and age she would have gotten a digital camera, not a film camera.  Did Stephanie Meyer pass out and forget what kind of technology age we’re living in?  Goodness.

But that’s neither here nor there because we need to have an important discussion, you and me.  Here’s the scenario, Scott and I both do MT.  Except he’s a dude so he’s got bits to protect which means he needs a cup.  And to hold that cup in, there’s the jockstrap.  Okay? We’re all on the same page?  This is how a conversation went with us one day awhile ago:

Me: Hold on, I washed your nut hut. Let me get it.

Him: My what?

Me: staring at him wondering if he didn’t hear me. Your nut hut. I’m going to get it.

Him: Nut hut?

Me: exasperation sets in.  Yes hunny, your jockstrap.

Him: starts cracking up. Oh!

Me: Wait. You’ve never heard that term before?

Him: No.

Me: REALLY?  It’s a rhyme, like how bras for girls are “Over the shoulder boulder holders.”  Well for guys, it’s “Under the butt nut hut.”

Him: cracks up even more

Me: Whatever, I’m going to get your nut hut.  I’ll be right back.

So guys, what gives?  Have you ever heard it called a nut hut before? Dish.

3 thoughts on “February 24th, 2009: Dinner

  1. I’ve never heard of it called that either, mind you I’ve never heard a bra called an over the shoulder boulder holder. Must be an American phrase. Like in Uk we call underwear pants and in America you call trousers pants.;)

  2. Haha — I haven’t heard of “nut hut” before but that might be because I don’t think I’ve been with a guy that’s worn one.

    New Moon was my least favorite of the series, I thought Twilight was the best one by far.

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