February 19th, 2009: Dinner

Hi guys!  Sorry about not posting last night but I didn’t get back home till after 9pm. :o

Before heading out to Ladies’ Night, I had to eat some supper.  Ladies’ Night didn’t start till close to 7ish which is past dinner time for me and I didn’t want to walk in someplace hungry.  We had leftovers!

dinner time

dinner time

Hooray for veggie shepherd’s pie!  I realize that yesterday I forgot to mention the veggies and things in the pie.  Ready?  Okay, here we go:

  • Onion
  • Green pepper
  • Jalapeno pepper
  • Carrots
  • Corn
  • Peas
  • Green beans
  • Limas
  • Kidney beans
  • Lentils
  • Zucchini
  • Mushrooms for Scott

I think that’s it! :p  Much tastier the second day!

felt guilty

felt guilty

I arrived at the event and was parched!  Because I was trying to avoid having stale breath, I poured myself a drink.  My options were pop or mineral water.  I don’t care for mineral water, so sadly I had to go with a small glass of pop.  I picked Sprite because my thinking is, if I can see through it, it’s not as bad.  Totally flawed I realize but whatevs.  Coming from someone who used to be a Coke fiend, the thought of drinking that now makes me cringe.  I don’t even remember the last time I had pop because I stopped drinking it a while ago.  However, new lesson learned for me last night!  ALWAYS bring backup water with you.  Make sure your purse is big enough to carry a bottle, even if it’s just a small 8oz thing.  Which I should have realized last night because all of my “everyday” purses have a water bottle holder in them. It’s one of the first things I look for!  Anyway, that was my first little indulgence.

And also the only picture I got!  I planned on getting many more but there was no opportunity to do so and I was a little bummed out by that.  After putting my name in for a drawing and getting my small glass of pop, I headed over to the seating area and sat down next to a woman that I chatted with while we waited in line to add our names to the drawing.  We chatted for a little bit and then there was an announcement telling us to make sure we signed in because we might be on the receiving end of a new running bag.  I walked over to check and I was one of the lucky ones who scored a Mizuno bag!  It’s technically called a volleyball bag but can be used for whatever.

nice little bag

nice little bag

It’s a backpack that you wear over one shoulder.  The strap has a cellphone or MP3 holder on it.  There are two waterbottle type holders on each side of the bag.  Inside there is a deep main pocket, another larger pocket, and a smaller pocket that is also an accessory holder (pens, keys, change, for example).  It’s a really nice little bag and would be great to take to a race or perhaps a small hike.

I sat back down and the wine tasting started!  And this is where disaster struck but I’ll get to that in a second. ;)  There were six wines total that we tasted, two from each of their categories.  I was surprised because that’s a good bit of wine!  We started off with the reds.  Each little pour was probably close to 1oz, it seemed like a lot though in our little glasses.



This is a link to the wines above.  These are from a local winery here in Central Ohio!  My brief thoughts:

1. Marechal Foch: Very acidic but not bitter tasting or leaving the mouth too dry.  Aged on oak but I didn’t pick up too much oak flavor.

2. Nouveau: Very nice light wine but had a little bit of a medicinal finish to it.

The whites:

1. Cayuga White: Would make a good table wine.  Light and crisp.

2. Soleil: Very complex white wine. Would be great with even heavier meats and grilled dishes.

The Blushes:

1. Fusion: Way too sweet.  I almost couldn’t even finish the pour. Perfect if someone prefers the sweeter desert wines.

2. Cranberry: Very nice light wine. Would be awesome to make spritzers or a punch with.  Would go very well with light appetizers, especially fruit or seafood.

Disaster struck during the Nouveau tasting.  I was holding the two glasses, (my empty pop glass and the wine glass) and chatting to the person on my right.  I wasn’t paying close attention and the person on my left passed me the wine list.  I took it and tried to put it on my lap to take one and pass it on when I spilled the wine all over my jeans.  Lovely.  The person who passed me the wine list kept apologizing but it wasn’t her fault, it was mine.  I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t think to put the empty glass down.  DUH  There wasn’t really anything I could do but let it dry and go about my business.  Will the jeans stain?  Thankfully I wasn’t wearing anything nicer or then I would have been crabby!

I wanted to chat more with the winery owners and take a picture of the wine but once their presentation was done, they left!  Then we heard from the massage therapists who work at the store on why massage is benefical to runners.  Most especially those who run long distances.

Then we heard from a trainer (?) who talked about water jogging for when you are recovering from an injury.  Massage therapists on the benefits of massage for runners.  And then lastly, the local Mizuno representative who talked a little about Mizuno products then had the drawing for the free stuff.



I won a shirt!  Whoo!  It is a lightweight summer/spring shirt which I’m excited about because I need more summer wear.  And also it’s not pink!  Most of the mizuno products at the store were pink.  That’s great if you like pink but for those of us who don’t, only having women’s gear in pink is a little frustrating. I wish the Mizuno rep would have talked more about the clothing lines and when the spring line would be coming out and things like that.  Instead it was the end of the night and she went right to the drawings thinking we all wanted the free stuff instead.

new gloves

new gloves

After the presentations concluded, I went over and bought a pair of Mizuno gloves.  They have the breath-thermo technology in them which is supposed to use your sweat and body heat to help keep you more warm.  I should be able to test them soon!  My hands get very cold as I run and my fingers get stiff.  Here’s hoping these help!

When I got back home, it was after 9pm. :o  That’s a late night for me.  I poured some seltzer and had some fishies.

bedtime snack

bedtime snack

Scott had a Christmas Ale and I had two sips of that.  The wine tasting left me a little blah and in need of water.  I didn’t want plain water so I had seltzer which was cold and very refreshing.  I only had a few fishies.  After watching some TV, I headed up to bed to read for a bit.  Then it was lights out!

2 thoughts on “February 19th, 2009: Dinner

  1. oh winning is always fun, espeically running gear! I do kinda like wearing pink, even though I’m not girlie…maybe that’s why it makes me feel like I can look girlie and be athletic?

  2. Wow, you were lucky !! Go you!!

    I would like to hear more about what the trainer said about running in water. I am going to start swimming next week and just wondered if there was some sort of technique she recommended.

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