February 12th, 2009: Breakfast and lunch

Hi guys!  Last night’s dinner left me a little bloated and rough around the edges.  I’m not sure if it was the pasta or what.  Normally pasta doesn’t have that effect on me so it was really bizarre.  I basically just headed up to bed and chilled reading for a while.  I called lights out around 10pm.  The windstorm kicked in and boy it was a doozy.  Lasted all night long and is still going on.  We lost our recycling bin due to someone not securing it properly.  It’s not important who’s fault it was and I’m not going to name names but I will say it wasn’t me. ;)

When my alarm went off at 6am, the wind was still crazy and I knew I would not be able to run in that.  Unexpected day off!  Those are nice, aren’t they?  I snuggled back in and slept till 8am.  Woo!  When I got downstairs and took a look out the back door I saw more roof tiles on the deck and in the yard.  Nice.  Thankfully we’ve already been approved for a new roof, so we’re just waiting on the right time for an install.  I’m hoping the rain and snow stay away so the roof can dry out and we can get someone out here to at least tarp the places where the tiles are missing.



Still can’t make oats due to not having any oats.  Didn’t want yogurt since I’ll probably have some as a snack before MT class tonight.  I opted for a wheat pita toasted and topped with PB&honey.  YUM!  And a mug of coffee that sat in the coffee pot too long so it was a little rough.

I checked mail and did some bloggy stuff and then I got started cleaning up around the house (I was going to say redding up, but didn’t think you guys would know what I meant! :p ).  I put some loads of laundry in and then started going through clothes.  Remember all those lovely pants I bought over Christmas holiday?  They are now too big on me.  I’m in the process of trying to shrink some in the dryer. :lol: Most of our clothes I do not dry in the dryer, but air dry on racks.  But I’ve started putting my stuff in the dryer to see if it will shrink up a bit.  I hope so!  Otherwise I’m going to have to look for a tailor because I’m not giving these pants away, I like them too much!

Speaking of pants, do you have a favorite brand of jeans?  I love jeans and am always on the lookout for a nice pair that are flattering and not crazy expensive.  I was also going through to try and pick out some outfits to possibly wear tomorrow.  We’re going out for Scott’s birthday dinner tomorrow night and I want to look smashing! :D

After doing all of that, I decided on making some lunch.  Scott had leftovers and I had a salad!



I loaded up my salad with all kinds of crazy stuff today.

  • Romaine
  • Spinach
  • Apple
  • Sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • Crushed walnuts
  • Crushed banana chips
  • Tropical trail mix (coconut, papaya, dates, mango, cranberries)
  • Chocolate granola

Topped with some balsamic dressing.  YUM!  And in the middle was an orange, leftover apple, pineapple, and mango.  Some Kashi veggie crackers and spicy hummus.  I ate most of my salad (it was big!), had a few bites of fruit, and 3 crackers with hummus.

After lunch I braved the wind and took Rocky out for a short walk.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be but it was pretty windy.  I saw a lot of houses with messed up roofs and missing lots of siding.  Stupid wind storms.  I hate them!

Now I’m off to get some work done before heading to MT.  Dinner tonight?  Well you know what day it is! ;)

4 thoughts on “February 12th, 2009: Breakfast and lunch

  1. For the jeans question, I wear Old Navy, actually. I think they look alright on me, but I’m more attracted to the price which I can usually find them on sale for $25 online(normally $30). I’m pretty pear-shaped, so I have a hard time finding jeans that will fit my hips AND my waist so I wear the relaxed/curvy style.

    • Heather, :p So do people give you the stink eye on jeans Friday then? What are your comfy casual pants that you wear? My go-to was always cords, I love them! But since I can actually wear jeans again, it’s jeans and cords. :)

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