TT: Spice up your eggs!

Give your eggs some kick

Give your eggs some kick

That mustard you see right there always goes in to any egg dish I’m making.  I love this mustard so much that I go through tons of it (I did a review of it!).  If I’m making a quiche, or fritatta, or even just scrambled eggs, I add in a spoonful of mustard.  It gives the eggs a nice background flavor that isn’t overpowering, but enough to turn ordinary eggs into something a little more ooo la la.

When making scrambled eggs, I break the yolks up and get a small scramble started.  Then I add in the mustard and continue to beat the eggs until everything is incorporated.  It takes a minute or two to get the mustard distributed throughout the eggs, but it will happen.  And it makes the eggs all the better for it.

eggs with a hint of mustard

eggs with a hint of mustard

You can see the flecks from the grainy mustard all through the scrambled eggs.  So yummy!  Experiment with different mustards and see what results.  I think a very spicy grainy mustard would be awesome in scrambled eggs.

Next time you have a hankering for some eggs, make your omelet flip to new heights by adding some mustard!

Okay, so maybe that joke was lame.  But don’t let my lame jokes stop you from trying this trick! :D

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