TT: Providing lotion in the guest bathroom or powder room

Providing for your guests

Providing for your guests

I tried really hard to come up with a post title that didn’t sound inappropriate but I think I failed.  Rest assured this is not a naughty or racy post at all!  I’m sorry if you are disappointed.

I am a lotion fiend.  I love it and always use it.  I think this stems from growing up in a house that relied on big radiators to provide heat in the winter (which I miss! Best heat ever. Central heating has nothing on radiators. But I digress!).  Plus we had no shower, just a rather large clawfoot tub.  Which is nice, don’t misunderstand me! Not everyone can say they bathed in a clawfoot tub on a daily basis.  But you have to make sure the water is really really hot before you get in, otherwise the cold porcelain would cool the water down too quickly.  A cold bath is no fun.  Because of all this heat, one’s skin had the potential of drying out quickly.  Lotion was needed.  If you didn’t lotion up after a bath you would be sorry and the insides of your clothes would be gross with all the flaky dried skin you shed.  Yeah, yuck is right.

So I’ve always used lotion.  I immediately use lotion after washing my hands.  After I do the dishes.  After I clean the house.  After a shower or bath.  All the time is what I’m saying.  I even carry a travel sized lotion bottle in my purse so I can lotion up when I’m out and about.   I can’t stand not using lotion and it baffles my wee brain when I see or hear people who don’t (Like Scott for example. He also doesn’t use chapstick which is another story entirely.).

Because of my love for lotion, I figure there’s others out there who love it as well.  Thus I provide lotion in my guest bathroom and my powder room for people to use after they wash their hands.  This is my TT for this week, lotion in your bathrooms for your guests to use.

This comes in especially handy since people might be hosting a party on a Sunday come February.  And because while it doesn’t seem like it, it will be time for grilling and hosting bbqs.  Honestly, providing lotion in the bathrooms is extremely handy and something most people don’t even think about.  Thrill your guests with some simple lotion!

If you are having overnight guests, a small basket in the bathroom with lotion, smelly soaps, body wash, and towels will help the guest feel more welcome.

So fess up, how many others of you are lotion fiends and use it all the time?  :D

6 thoughts on “TT: Providing lotion in the guest bathroom or powder room

  1. I admit that I am but when I had my hives a year ago I learned a lot about my skin so I am very picky about what lotions that I use. I keep lotion in my guest bathroom and matching body spray. I use chap stick all day long too!

  2. I’m a lotion fiend too. Mostly because I live in Alberta which is the driest place on earth and even worse in the winter. Plus I already have dry skin so it’s not really a good combo. I carry mine around with me too as I’m picky about lotion – I find most of it too greasy or sticky. (oh my!)

  3. I wash so many dishes that I often forget to use lotion after that chore, (I do however use a dish detergent with vit. E and stuff in it) but for sure I lotion up after every bath or shower, and I keep a bottle on the table beside my chair, and a tube of hand cream in my purse.

  4. Lol, still laughing at the title :) Anyway, I’m completely with you on the lotion issue. I practically sprint for the lotion after I take a shower. It takes my hands all of 2 seconds to get pruney >:( WHY? But that’s okay, b/c I LOVE my lovely smelling lotions.

  5. I use it pretty regularly on my hands and have an extra one at work, but I don’t carry one in my purse. My hands feel pretty chapped if I don’t use it at all — if I forget, my cracked hands remind me :)

    We have some by our kitchen sink but not in our bathroom, but I always make sure the dispenser is full, we have fresh hand towels for guests and there’s extra t.p. in the cabinet over the toilet (and I light a candle!).

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