TT: More uses for nonstick spray

Make it work for you

Make it work for you

We all have nonstick spray at home, yes?  I do and I try to get the best one I can find and one that I can easily get.  I am intrigued by the Misto but haven’t made the leap.

I have found uses for nonstick spray other than just spraying my skillet before frying an egg and thought maybe you would find them useful as well!

We all know about spraying measuring cups or measuring spoons if you are about to measure something thick and sticky, right?  If you have to measure out something like honey, molasses, or maple syrup, spraying your measuring device helps the sticky stuff slide out easily and not cling to the instrument.

You can also spray a spatula if you are scraping out a thick sticky batter or dough, the batter won’t stick to the spatula.  Or if you need to delicately slide under some fish or even a burger, spraying the spatula first helps it not stick to the food you’re flipping.

Lightly spraying your grater helps cheese not to stick and clump up when shredding something like cheddar or swiss.  You can also lightly spray the cheese knife to help it slide smoothly through the block of cheese.

After draining pasta, use a bit of nonstick spray on the pasta to help it from sticking to each other.  You can use olive oil for this purpose, however I have found that the olive oil sort of forms a barrier preventing the sauce from sticking to the pasta.  A light coating of spray does not seem to have that result.

If you are baking frozen french fries (we’ve all heated up a bag of frozen fries, yes?), spray a foil lined sheet first and place the fries on that.  Then lightly spray the tops of the fries, this helps them crisp up a little better in the oven (and make sure to have a high temp too, 400 is good).  If you are seasoning them, the light spray will also help the seaonsings to stick better.

I’m sure there’s 101 uses for nonstick spray but these are the ones that I use the most.  Hopefully you find these helpful!  And if you have a use that I didn’t list, feel free to pass it along!

5 thoughts on “TT: More uses for nonstick spray

  1. I give my cast iron a light spritzing with it after washing to keep the seasoning intact. It’s alot less messy than pouring oil into the skillet and wiping it back out with a towel

  2. Those are great tips. I’m kind of obsessed with my cooking spray. I feel like its attached to my hand whenever I’m in the kitchen :) I hadn’t thought about grating cheese and spraying the knife for cutting cheese. Genius! I’ll just have to wait till you get a Misto and see what you think of it =D

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