January 2nd, 2009: Lunch and dinner

Hi guys!  I ended up being super slacker today in the exercise department, I didn’t do anything but walk Rocky and even that was short.  I was moving and shaking today though so it’s not like I was sitting on the backend. ;)

I cleaned the house and did a load of laundry before lunch.  Since I didn’t exercise today and I feel like we’ve been eating “heavy” lately, I wanted to keep today light.



For lunch I had a toasted WW pita with some PB and honey on top.  In the middle is 4 clems, carrot sticks, and a green apple sliced up.  I ate all of my pita and most of the apple with a few carrots and clem pieces.  After lunch was cleanup and I did a little cooking.  I set a pot of pinto beans to cook and also made some beer bread.  Oh it smelled so good as it was baking!

As that was baking I decided to have a wee snack.

Reading material

Reading material

2% fage with some blueberry bear naked along with the new magazine I got.  I skimmed through it as I was eating and it’s pretty interesting.  I like that there are no ads so there’s no worrying about biased opinions on topics or the need to use a certain ingredient only because they have an ad in the magazine.

Once the bread was done baking I leashed up Rocks and took him for a mile walk.  It was cold and windy!  Not something I was prepared for.  I was out earlier with Rocky for a short potty run and it was mild with no wind.  So only an hour later the temp dropped pretty drastically and the wind picked up.  That’s why it was only 1 mile instead of 2.

When we got back home I hit the shower and then put another load of laundry in.  Scott worked all day in the office putting up a new window treatment and getting his area cleared out.  As soon as he got everything situated, I made dinner.  Easy leftovers with some kielbasa tossed in as well.

Scott is trapped in my fork!

Scott is trapped in my fork!

I knew the leftover pork chop wasn’t going to be enough for Scott so I quick cooked some kielbasa on the side.  I cannot pass it up!  So I had a wee piece with my sauerkraut and a slice of beer bread.  I bumped up the sauerkraut with some pinto beans, chopped carrot, and chopped snow peas.  I cleaned my plate. :D  That bread was so good!  There will be a recipe on it soon for sure!

Now we’re off to sit on the couch and look at new desks for the office.  See you tomorrow!

Booty Buster Total:

1 mile walk = 1 pt

Total = 1 pt

2 thoughts on “January 2nd, 2009: Lunch and dinner

  1. mmmm great eats – esp that kielbasa & beer bread! yum!!!

    it sure was super windy here yesterday too!

    did u check out ikea for office desks? we got a great one there that has lots of compartments, doesn’t take up a whole lot of room but still super spacious, and relatively inexpensive :)

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