January 27th, 2009: Dinner

So being in bed today was very nice and relaxing.  Rocky feels much better and the extra downtime was good for him.  We were supposed to get some pretty heavy winter weather today starting in the late morning and continuing on through the rest of the day.  However, the snow didn’t really start until about 4ish, right before we had to leave for MT class.  We headed out but had to turn around and come back home.  The roads were so bad.  Cars sliding everywhere and since it was heading into rush hour, some pretty nasty traffic as well.

Once we got back home I turned the electric blanket on the bed back on and got into my jammies!  Then I started heating up dinner.  While dinner heated, I munched on:

nom nom

nom nom

Four FoodShouldTasteGood buffalo chips.  I was hungry and wanted something to help calm angry belly.

dinner time

dinner time

The very last of the leftover veggie chili from the freezer.  Perfect for this cold snowy night!  I had a little bit of cheddar on top of mine.  In the middle are some tortilla chips and some multigrain FoodShouldTasteGood (I swear this isn’t a promo!)chips.  I stuck with the multigrain and had some with my chili.  I cleaned out that bowl too!  I was hungry tonight!

Now I’m content and about to see if I can sneak a couple more pages of my book while Scott takes care of the trash!  See you guys on a very snowy tomorrow!

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