January 25th, 2009: Oops!

So I found these pics of things I ate yesterday that I totally forgot to post!  Shame on me!

Starting off, in my breakfast pic yesterday, there is a peppermint bark next to my bowl that I forgot to mention.  I didn’t eat it though, the granola + yogurt was enough. :D

During the afternoon before Scott napped and I read, we both were snacky.

snack 1

snack 1

I had a green apple + PB and some dried plums (which are really prunes. Do they stop using the word prune thinking people won’t eat them?).  I ate everything.  Let me preface this by saying that my body does not handle concentrated doses of fiber very well.  Those Fiber 1 granola bars?  Not good.  High fiber cereal? Not good.  So as I was eating all 5 of those plums, I thought to myself, “I wonder if this is too much fiber for me to handle?”

The answer is yes.  Yes it was. I will spare you any more info than that.

Once Scott woke up from his nap and as dinner was roasting, I put out a snack plate, mostly because Scott was hungry.  Napping is hard work, you know. ;)

snack 2

snack 2

On the plate is:

  • Cheddar
  • Parrano
  • Kashi roasted veggie crackers
  • Spicy cheeze-its

I had one wee cube of parrano and some of the cheeze-its.  I was saving room for dinner!

And that concludes pictures that got mysteriously left out from yesterday! :D

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