January 20th, 2009: Dinner

Hi guys!  My legs are now all defuzzed and beautiful! :D  I love getting my legs waxed.  It’s quick, not too expensive, and doesn’t really hurt.  Plus I love my defuzzer, she’s awesome.  I talked to her about running today (because she runs too) and told her about the upcoming race.  So she and her daughter might run it as well!  Hooray!  How fun would that be?!

After my app, we swung by WF quick for a couple of things.  I cleared their stock of peach Fage because I’m evil like that.  Once we got back home, I ran Rocks out for a quickie walk.  When I got back from that, Scott was on the phone with a conference call.  That took him past the time we would normally be leaving for the early MT class.  As he was talking I heard his tummy growling like crazy.  I got up and got him a peach Fage because I can’t have my husband go hungry, plus I didn’t want to listen to his bellah be angry.

my fave

my fave

I also had a peach Fage because I was hungry too!  YUM!  Then we decided we wanted to stay home tonight and kick it with some Chinese food (yes we decided!) and watch the inauguration.  We taped it.  I looked around for some take-out places and one caught my eye that had a good veggie selection and actually served tofu!  Not that I got any but still nice to know it’s there.  Some of the other Chinese restaurants I’ve seen only have steamed veggies or veggie lo mein as their veggie options.  Huh?  That’s pretty lame I think.



I got veggie delight which is mixed veg in a white wine sauce.  Also crab rangoons, I know sooo horrible for you but I love them with all my heart and on the rare occasions we get Chinese food I roll with it.  Plus Thai mini egg rolls, shoutout to Hub’s roots.  And a wee portion of spicy chicken noodles that Scott got.  Also some wine because the bottle is open and it’s a special night.  Again, roll with it!

So my veggie delight was not delightful at all.  It was what I feared, just broccoli, carrots, and snow peas in a very bland and sort of scary looking “white sauce”.  However a twist!

Scott always gets Hunan chicken and asks for it extra extra extra spicy because he can handle the heat.  I was going to make a crack about him being Thai but then maybe you all wouldn’t find that funny or realize I was kidding so I left it alone.  Feel free to let me know if you like off-color humor. :D  Anyways, what cracks us up is this:

so you want spicy?

so you want spicy?

Whenever he orders, no matter the restaurant, they always make sure to list that he wants it extra spicy! :lol:  So he got two dishes, the Hunan and the spicy ckicken noodle thing.  The Hunan was amazing!  Not too spicy for me at all so I added some to my plate and then covered my veggies in some of the sauce to give it kick.  Much better!  I ate all of my veggies, some of the brown rice and chicken, none of the spicy noodle dish, and two of the mini rolls.  1 crab rangoon (just the middle part, I can’t eat all of that fried stuff!) and it was gross.  Way too fishy tasting and not in a good way.  Yuck!  I’ve never met a crab rangoon I didn’t like till now.  Ew.  However, now I’m content and pleased with dinner once I was able to spice it up.

Okay guys I’m off to watch more inauguration coverage!  See you tomorrow!

P.S. Did anyone else notice Mrs. Bush just toss aside Mrs. Obama’s gift like it was trash?  She didn’t even look at it!  Jeeze.

2 thoughts on “January 20th, 2009: Dinner

  1. We looked and looked for a Chinese restaurant near the hospital in Little Rock today and ended up back at the hospital cafeteria because all we found was fast food joints downtown. Now I’m even more hungry for some Kung Pao Chicken! I didn’t get to see even one second of the inauguration.

  2. Yeah I noticed that about Mrs. Bush. She’s just jealous =]

    I am lucky to live next to an amazing Chinese food place, that has tofu, brown rice and all white meat chicken! I love it!

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