January 17th, 2009: Lunch and Dinner

Hi guys!  Sorry I didn’t get this up yesterday but I was too pooped and just wanted to plop on the couch! :D

Scott and I made it to MT yesterday and it wasn’t so bad.  Even though the building isn’t the warmest, once you get moving around you’re fine.  They added some extra carpet which is nice!  After class Scott and I had to run to the butcher’s to pick up some chicken for Rocky (40lb box).  And then we looked around at some other places to see if anything interested us for lunch.  I was craving veggies like crazy but no place really had just straight up veggie dishes that appealed to me.  Scott ended up getting sushi and I saw they had fried tofu so I got an order of that.  I’m trying to find a place that does fried tofu like The Japanese Oriental Restaurant because theirs was awesome!

We got home and seperated out the chicken into portions.  Cold work!  I was already cold from the ride home because the temp was frigid outside!  And then handling all that cold chicken didn’t help matters much. :p  I so wanted a big huge salad but salads are cold so I passed on that.  And we had no soup so that was out.

just okay lunch

just okay lunch

I finally settled on some Amy’s veggie enchiladas.  In the middle is the fried tofu and on the side is one sliced carrot and four clementines.  I had one enchilada and four of the fried tofu.  I love Amy’s enchiladas but can only handle one.  It’s too heavy for me to have more than that.  The other one I gave to Scott.  I ate most of the clems and all of the carrot as well.  The fried tofu was just okay, nothing special.  The texture was a little too soft for me and I tried not to focus on it otherwise I would have gagged.  I wanted something a little firmer.  The dipping sauce was amazing though which is why I ate so much tofu!

After lunch I went back and forth about whether we should hit the grocery store or not.  I hate going on the weekend because it’s cra-zay in there.  However I didn’t really want to take time out to go Monday.  And since it was late (around 4pm by this time) I thought maybe the craziness would be gone and people would be back home by this point.

Wrong.  Good lord it was insane.  I talked to the deli folks and our cashier, both of which said it had been crazy nonstop like that since early in the morning. :o  They said it was like it was Thanksgiving or something.  My guess is that since the weather finally got a good bit above 0F people wanted to get out and get things done.  It was still really cold out but tolerable enough to be out in it.  I didn’t have any problem getting everything I needed so it was cool.  I did want to look at some greens and a stock person was blocking those but other than that I got all my fruits and veggies so I was a happy girl. :D

Came home and put the groceries away and fed Rocky.  Then I was finally able to hit the shower!  And it was steaming hot, perfect shower!  I started getting hungry for dinner around 7:30ish and decided to put that together while Scott was showering.  Oh you know I had a big salad.  VEGGIES!

hooray veggies!

hooray veggies!

In my salad is:

  • Romaine
  • Spinach (I missed you spinach!)
  • Cucumber
  • Carrots
  • Edamame
  • Corn
  • Banana peppers
  • Sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Dressed with some ranch dressing that I made with some light sour cream (that I picked up by mistake but had no extra sugar or aspartame in it so I was cool with it), yogurt, and 1/2 and 1/2.  I needed some carby goodness so I had half an asiago cheese bagel straight up, nothing on it.  Scott had leftovers (chicken thighs and 1/2 sweet potato) and a salad as well.  So good and totally hit the spot!  On the side is a cranberry fizzie, cranberry juice + mandarin seltzer.

After dinner we sat on the couch and finished the Pens game from Wednesday.  Then we watched the first hour of last week’s 24.  By this time it was 10pm and I headed up to bed to read.  I read for about an hour and called it quits.  I was wiped out and ready for bed!

P.S. Breakfast and Brunch post will be up later today. :D

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  1. i hate food shopping on saturdays & sundays! i always used to go friday afternoons, but now that i have to stay at work, it’s going to be super annoying to go on friday nights or sat/sunday! its so mobbed!

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