January 10th, 2009: Breakfast

Morning guys!  So last night I was still a wee bit hungry so I made myself a snack.

late night snack

late night snack

I toasted a WW pita and topped it with some PB and honey.  Scott and I also split a new to us beer, Cabin Fever made by a beer company in Michagan.  Oh goodness I love this beer.  I will do a review on it soon, but the smell alone has me hooked.  It smells like a brewing pot of coffee. So good!  We watched Thursday’s Pens game for a bit.  I only had half the pita as I was content and not hungry anymore so I didn’t need the whole thing.  At 10:30ish I headed up to bed.  I should have gone straight to sleep but I read for 1/2 an hour because I’m trying to finish up this cursed book I’m reading.  It’s horrendous and I cannot wait for it to end! :p

I woke up shortly after 7am this morning because I had this horrible dream!  You guys are not even going to believe the craziness of this dream.  And my reaction to it was intense.

Okay so I dreamt that I was competing in my first sprint Tri.  I didn’t have a bike but the race officials I talked to when I signed up months prior, told me that was fine.  They said they would have extra bikes for people to use and as long as I trained and was ready to go, finding a bike shouldn’t be an issue.  Cool!  Day of the race comes and I kicked ass on the swimming part and was first out of the water by a long shot.  Everyone else was way behind me.  I was running to find the bike/transition area and I couldn’t find it.  I was getting really flustered and asking people who only said, “there’s signs.”  Well there were no signs.  Literally after about 15-20 minutes, I finally saw a table with people who were cheering and pointing to the transition area.  GRRR!  I yelled at them that they were slackers and should have been there long before this.  They said no one was even close to needing them as people were just now coming out of the water.  I thought that seemed weird.  I get to the bike area to find no bikes.  “Oh. Yeah we tried to find a bike for you but couldn’t.  We don’t have any bikes. Sorry.”  Just like that, like it was no big deal.  I was crushed!  But thought it was weird that they were just telling me now, I mean shouldn’t this have come up already.  As I was walking around fuming looking for Scott, I ran into someone I knew from my highschool days.  She told me not to be concerned and that they dismiss people from races all the time and sometimes it’s even big name people.  Wha, the who?!  I told her I didn’t get dismissed and she said I did and she was supposed to tell me.  She said that the officials saw my website and didn’t care for it.  That my entries were boring and that my pictures look like they are right out of a spam email.  Oh.my.god.  Then she produced this book of my entries to show as an example.  And she said since my blog doesn’t get much traffic and isn’t very interesting the officials let me go to make room for more bigger name bloggers.  You have no idea how that killed me.  Then I found Scott to tell him all this and he said he was sorry I got disqualified.  And again I was all, “what?!  I didn’t get disqualifed.” He said the officials told him that I had such a piss poor swim time they had to boot me from the race.  Oh for F*ck’s sake!” I yelled.  I told him that I had the best swim time and was ahead of the other swimmers by 15 minutes!  I was the first one out of the water.  And I was about to tell him everything that happened but I broke down and started crying.  And then I woke up crying and all upset and stuff.  And I couldn’t fall back to sleep because I was just too distressed so I got up.

Holy hell people what was that all about?!  JEEZE!  That was a seriously odd dream.

I came downstairs and got Rocky taken care of.  It was freezing rain and had been raining since early this morning (like 2am-ish) and he did not want to go outside.  I got him out and he was back in like a flash.  I wasn’t hungry yet so I just had some coffee to start off with.

morning coffee

morning coffee

It wasn’t great and wasn’t hot enough.  Boo.  So I only had a few sips and tossed the rest.  I read some blogs and then eventually I got hungry and by then Scott was up.  I recounted my dream to him and now I’m officially done thinking about it because I still get worked up over it.  Dumb!  So I’m finished.  Moving on to a lovely bowl of oats.



Standard oat mix and the mix-ins were banana nut bear naked, cranberries, and a spoonful of dark chocolate PB.  YUM!  And now I’m off to get ready for MT and brave the ice.  Eek!

4 thoughts on “January 10th, 2009: Breakfast

  1. L says:

    awww ~ i hate dreams like that that seem SO real, i’ve definitely had similar ones (involving races) and you feel in a state of panic when you wake up…

  2. holy crap that is a WACK dream! The worst part is her dissing your blog! My dreams always mix in real life like that and I get totally spooked. You are very good about eating till your full! I usually feel the need to clean my plate, probably left over from childhood!

  3. Aww sorry to hear about the dream. Sometimes it takes me days to shake a really bad one :(

    That Beer sounds awesome! Are you still reading twilight? You know, you should do book reviews too!

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