Review: True North Almond Cranberry Vanilla Clusters

Almond Cranberry Vanilla Clusters

Almond Cranberry Vanilla Clusters

Let me introduce you to my new crack.  Daily Eats readers have seen these bad boys pop up every now and again and know full well that I love them and am addicted to them.

I’ve spied the True North items here and there in the grocery store but in all honesty the flavors listed didn’t really appeal to me so I passed them all up.  However one fateful trip to Sam’s and I saw this ginormous bag of Almond Cranberry Vanilla Clusters (say that five times fast!), now that flavor appealed to me!

It wasn’t long after we got back home that I tore open the bag and dove in.  As soon as the bag was open I was hit by the smell.  It was a very sweet enticing scent.  Not something that came across as fake or processed.  We’ve all smelled fake vanilla and it doesn’t smell pretty.  I was very pleased by the size of the little square clusters, perfect for quick snacking and easy to portion out.  I ate one and was in heaven.  It was so good!  And then I proceeded to eat a bunch more because I couldn’t stop.

I allowed myself that day of indulgence and vowed from then on to practice moderation.  I will tell you right now it’s hard because these babies are so damn delicious.  Checking the True North website, I can’t find mention of this product.  Should this make me nervous?  Perhaps it really is crack?!

cluster of delicious

cluster of delicious

My guess is this is some sort of limited edition item which I don’t understand because it’s amazing.  Like mentioned previously, I found this bag at Sam’s.  If you’re a member, or perhaps a member of another warehouse store, check around to see if you can locate some.  Or heck, maybe even just email them and ask because this stuff is seriously that good.

The texture of the little clusters, which are actually more squares like, remind me a lot of brittle only not as hard and tooth cracking.  Just enough umph to hold the clusters together but easy enough to chew and enjoy.  These would be perfect to put out for snacking during a holiday party or cookie exchange.  Or even a gift wrapping party!

Because of their size they are easy to portion out and they are easy to tote around if you were looking to keep some at work or in your bag for a quick snack if needed.

I think I might even have to go back and snag a couple more bags just in case they do go away.  At which point, I’m sure I will cry and start carrying around a clipped piece of the bag in my purse.  Oh okay, I probably won’t cry.

I fully recommend seeing if you can find some and snacking to your heart’s content!

17 thoughts on “Review: True North Almond Cranberry Vanilla Clusters

  1. Patty says:

    You are so right. In fact I refered to it as crack at a party that this snack was served. Where besides SAMS can you buy this stuff?

  2. Elise says:

    Ha. This truly is crack!! I love it. I’m considering getting a Sams membership just to get some of these delicious bites…a co-worker bought them in to work and I stole the bag from her and never returned it!

  3. Krystal says:

    A co-worker brought a bag into the office. OMG!!!! I really was like an addict with them, I did not want anyone to touch them and as soon as I was alone with the bag I hid it!
    My Sam’s does not carry them, and I can not get True North to respond to my e-mails – I am having a serious withdrawal issue!!!! Someone please help!!!

    • Krystal, I emailed them as well. They told me that this flavor was only available at Wal-Mart and Sam’s for a limited time. There were talks of possibly bringing them back at some point but that’s as far as my email exchange with them got.

  4. Gail Smith says:

    I love these and try to make a bag last four days, UGH! How can we make them? Cranberries, almonds, vanilla, sugar….bake at what and how long? Also, I live in Branson, MO and we have them at Country Mart and Jubilee and at Walmart. You have probably found them by now. Still Love Um…

  5. LESLIE says:

    A church member of mine had these in her bag of favors at her wedding. I helped to fill the bags…lets just say all of these didn’t make it to the bags :o) if anyone is still looking for them try a gas station. AND they now come in a metallic “golden ticket” type bag!

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