Review: Smart Ones Breakfast Quesadilla

Breakfast Quesadilla

Breakfast Quesadilla

Hi guys! Bryan, over at Cheaplander asked me to do some product reviews from time to time and I could not turn him down. First, I’m all over free food. Second, I’m a fangirl of his. I’ve been reading his stuff for years, since I first stumbled on his Cheap Eats site. I was hooked immediately. And then he started Cheaplander right around the time I started OHC.

If you haven’t taken a look at these sites yet, go now! I’m sure you’ll love them just as much as I do!

My first review is up over there and it’s about the Smart Ones Breakfast Quesadilla. I’m sad to say that I did not eat my way through an entire serving but you can read about my attempt here.

I’ll be sure to post a notice here letting you all know when I post a review for Cheaplander so you can keep up with all of my foodie adventures. :D

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