December 7th, 2008: Morning

Missed you! XOX

Missed you! XOX

Hi guys! I woke up around 7:45 this morning and jumped out of bed to get started on my day! With as much as it snowed yesterday, we only have about 2 inches of snow, so not much. But enough that I needed to pull out my YakTrax for my run this morning. It was light fluffy snow, not the kind you could use to make a snowman. I got Rocky taken care of, then I was out the door. Oh how I missed running! I was very glad to get back to my normal schedule today since yesterday seemed really weird and out of sync for me.

I put on my YakTrax and was out the door for my 3.5 mile run. Oh yeah, I was totally going the distance today! It was so nice being outside in the snow and the cold running again. It wasn’t too cold and it wasn’t windy, just cold enough that the snow wasn’t melting. Actually a really perfect morning. It was a little slow going for me as I got into my groove but once I did I was off. I took one wee short walk break to blow my nose and to help calm down a small stitch in my side. Probably a 45second break, then I was back to running. I was able to run my regular 3.5 route since all the construction guys are off today.

The YakTrax helped a great deal and I couldn’t even tell I had them on. I was afraid they were going to feel bulky or slow me down but they didn’t! Whee! I thought my small break was going to put me behind but I actually came in a minute early, clocking in at 44 minutes. YaY!

I drank only a small amount of CS because I was going to have breakfast right away. Rocky’s walk will be later with Scott. I changed clothes and settled in with some breakfast.



I had the last of the 2% fage, which wasn’t much, mixed with some cranberry sauce and bear naked chocolate granola. I also had the other half of the Clif bar from yesterday. And peppermint coffee + peppermint creamer! Hooray!!! It was so yummy and minty. I didn’t eat all of the Clif bar, half of the half.

Then I went back in for another 1/2 mug of coffee. It was so good I needed a little bit more. :p

Guys my day is going to consist of doing nothing other than laundry and playing some Gears with Scott. We totally need a relaxing day because we haven’t had one for a while. We are big on needing our recharging time and for me, when I don’t get one for a while I get really crabby. Today is a total recharging day!

Plus looking back on yesterday, I didn’t get enough veggies in. My fruit intake was perfect, but not enough veggies. Today is going to be filled with snuggling and good eats! Very much looking forward to it!

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  1. I’m so glad you got recharge with Scott. Those are THE BEST days. We’ve had a couple of those and they’re so good for ourselves and our rts’p. Rob’s still obsessed with COD 5. :)

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