December 5th, 2008: Morning

Good morning! I woke up a little later than I had planned today but since I’m not running, that’s okay. Yes that’s right, no run today. My hammy is still bothering me and I figured out why. On Wednesday night in SF class, we worked on right outside crescent kicks. Any kind of kick works your hamstrings and when you are doing something new, then they aren’t going to be used to that, hence soreness. Meh. Scott and I are attending a MT seminar tomorrow, so I’m not running to give my leg a rest. I don’t want to risk pulling it or risk hurting it more and then not being able to do the seminar. That would stink!



Since I didn’t run this morning, I decided on 2% Fage with some cranberry sauce and bear naked chocolate granola. My very fav combo! There was peppermint coffee with peppermint creamer this morning and I was in heaven it was so good. In fact I might just go and get another half cup. :blush:

On the agenda for today is decorating and decorating! It looks like Christmas threw up in my front living room so I need to get things in order. I’ve already lit some candles including a pine scented one and it smells fantastic! Not a fakey pine smell but a really nice subtle pine smell.

Scott also mentioned something about a date tonight which goes against my, No-More-Going-Out-Until-Jan rule but I am not putting up a fuss. And that is because we need to dress up and take a nice pic in front of the tree for possible Christmas cards. Well I’m not going to get all fancy and then turn around and change back into my jammies. If I’m putting in the effort then we have to do something or go somewhere. :lol:

Off to get decorating!

One thought on “December 5th, 2008: Morning

  1. smart move with the no run, you want to run for life!!!! Yeah for decorating, I wish we were taking a photo now that You are…lol…have fun on your hot date;)

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