December 4th, 2008: Morning

Hi guys!  I need to bust out this morning post so I can get to work, I have some projects waiting.  Last night I did indeed have to present my demo in SF class.  Whenever we test, we have to come up with a demo piece, something we created on our own to sort of show that we know the concept of what we’re learning and how we can apply it elsewhere (for example, take a hand drill and turn it into a stick drill, or what have you).  Well last test we ran out of time and didn’t get to present, so last night was the “makeup” day so to speak.  Anyways, long story short, I gave my demo last night and I think it was well received.

bedtime snack

bedtime snack

When we got home, I was feeling a little snacky and a little naughty.  I had some 2% Fage with bear naked chocolate granola and cranberries, 3 squares of my new crack (those cranberry almond things), and a glass of red.  Snacked on that while watching the first period of the Pens game last night.  Around 11pm I hit the hay and promptly passed out.

Breakfast time

Breakfast time

I got up around 7:30ish this morning and saw no snow.  Weather keeps saying there will be snow, yet nothing.  I took care of Rocks and settled in to make some oats.  I watched it carefully this morning too!  Nothing fancy just regular oats with some cranberries and dark chocolate PB as my mix-ins.  Along with some coffee + creamer.

I must really love my oats because I had a dream last night about telling someone how fabulous they were and how they should incorporate them into their diet for a more healthy lifestyle.

Who am I?!  Jeeze that was weird. :lol:

Big day ahead!

  • Work and finish two projects
  • Clean the house
  • Hope for a quick grocery trip
  • Decorate
  • MT
  • Snuggle

I hope I can get all that in!

And just for kicks, here’s a pic of my two boys about to give kisses. :D



That’s was Christmas time last year.  Love them! :blush:

2 thoughts on “December 4th, 2008: Morning

  1. Mmm that chocolate and red wine snack last night, sounds absolutely perfect!

    haha I love your dream about oatmeal, that’s totally something that I would dream about…I guess when we love/talk about something so much, it’s bound to pop up in our subconscious!

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