December 3rd, 2008: Dinner

Hello again! I know it wasn’t that long ago that I posted, but in OHC land it was a while. :p

Favorite pear

Favorite pear

I did indeed have that pear! I like the red pears the best and I try to save them all for last if I can. I did some work and got some site related things accomplished. Then it was time to make dinner!



Dinner was oven fries and tacos with rice and beans. I sauteed some green pepper and red onion in a little bit of butter, added some jasmine rice and grated garlic. Seasoned with S&P, chili powder, red pepper flakes, and smoked paprika. Added some chick stock and let it cook till done. Tossed in some black beans and corn. So good! I had one taco that had romaine and Mexican cheese with the rice mixture on top. I originally planned on making sweet potato fries but I was out of sweet potatoes! Ack! There are six oven fries on my plate and I ate four. There’s also an extra wee scoop of rice that didn’t fit into my taco. My taco broke as I was eating it, so I dumped it on the plate and mixed everything up crumbling the taco shell. I went back in for more romaine and rice, when I sat back down I only had about two bites of it and I wasn’t hungry anymore so I stopped.  Scott had three tacos!

Do you guys eat till you’re full or eat till you’re not hungry anymore? I try to stick with eating till I’m not hungry anymore but sometimes if the meal is super good, I’ll eat till I’m full.

Plans for the night include going over my notes for SF in the event I have to present a demo tonight in class and then get snug once I’m back home. See you guys tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “December 3rd, 2008: Dinner

  1. Erin, I wish I had my hub’s metabolism. Dude can pile away the food (especially pasta) and lose weight. HMPH!

    Brenda, oh we have those too! :lol: Yesterday was veggie day so it was veggie tacos. They were really good, you should give them a try. :D Or wrap up the filling in a burrito maybe.

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