December 25th, 2008: Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas to you! :swingdance:

I got up early this morning, before 7:30am. :o  And got things together so I could be out the door for my run.  Rocky was taken care of and it was chilly so I knew that I would have to bundle up for my outing.

I was starving when I woke up but knew I wanted to get the run done before anything else today.  I tried eating 1/2 a Clif bar but it wasn’t going down so well, so I passed on it and just headed out sans food in my bellah.

I did the usual 3.5 miles and it was awesome!  It was slow going because I was tired and hungry but I was glad to be out nonetheless.  It was chilly and a perfect morning for a run. I only saw a few other people out walking their dogs but not too many.  It was really quiet and a nice peaceful run.

I came back and waited to take Rocks for a walk because Scott and I would be taking him later.  I changed and then tried to decide on what to eat.



I wanted to wait and have coffee when Scott got up, so I decided to have my CS with breakfast.  However, there’s only a little bit and I was too lazy to run down to the basement to get more.  I had already been up and down, up and down, because I prepped the rib roast we are having for dinner tonight.  And I just didn’t feel like going back downstairs yet again.  In the bowl is some 2% fage and a small bit of banana nut granola.

I must say it really didn’t do anything for my hunger. I was able to ignore the hunger though because I focused on making us some breakfast.  Traditionally we’ve had a breakfast casserole on Christmas day.  The kind that has lots of eggs, cream, and bread where it soaks overnight and then you bake it the next morning.  I would not be able to stomach such a dish this year and the idea of eating all that bread seemed kind of icky.  Instead, I made us a casserole without bread.  Still eggs, 1/2 & 1/2, cheese, and breakfast sausage, but with WW pastry flour to hold it all together and some spinach for extra veg.  I cleaned up the kitchen while it was cooking and then once it was done I kept it in the oven to stay warm till Scott got up.

I sat down on the couch and started watching A Christmas Story which is one of my very favorite all time movies.  It was a late find for me because I don’t remember this movie growing up.  I didn’t watch it until I was in college!  I was on the couch with my laptop hanging out but I was also freezing cold!  It’s because my body was a bit cold and sweaty from my run, leaving me having a hard time warming up.  I finally decided I wasn’t waiting for Scott and poured myself some coffee. :lol:  It was perfectly hot and perfectly minty mochay.  Hooray! :D

Not long after I finished my coffee Scott got up.  I headed up for a super quick shower and then it was time to open presents!  Kids go first in our house, so Rocky was up.

Mom, those are my toys!

Mom, those are my toys!

That’s us!  I’m trying to clean up everything and get more organized. :p  That’s his big huge stuffed cow.  He loves it!  She’s very sweet though so I may have to steal her so she doesn’t get totally destroyed. :lol:

Scott got me a whole bunch of amazing things that will be shown here and there.  One of them is a wee Edward Gorey book.  If you don’t know who he is, here is a website of information.  He got me a Tinies book and the book is even tiny!  So cute.

And I also got this bad boy:

Back in your hole!

Back in your hole!

Hell yeah!  He’s a foot tall and he talks!  Plus he comes with both of his guns, the chainsaw one and the handgun.  Awesome!

After opening all the prezzies it was time to eat and thankfully because I was starving!



I had two small slices of the egg dish and in the middle is an orange and two clems cut up.  I ate most of those too.  But I wasn’t done!



I also had a cut up apple.  After lunch we took Rocky out for a big boy walk and now we are back home ready to snug for the rest of the day.  The roast is sitting out coming to room temperature and I’m snacky, so I’m off to find something to munch on.  Hope you all are having a great day!

Booty Buster total:

3.5 mile run = 3.5 pts

2.0 mile walk = 2.0 pts

Total = 5.5 pts

TOTAL TO DATE = 76.5 :woohoo:

If that changes, I’ll come back in and edit the points. :D

4 thoughts on “December 25th, 2008: Christmas Morning

  1. I love Rocky’s cow! I need a cow to replace this plucked duck the kids still love to sit on while watching their favorite toons. He’s ready to be put to rest.

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