December 22nd, 2008: Lunch and dinner

Hi guys!  I don’t even know where my day went!  I don’t feel like I did all that much yet poof, the day is over already.  It is so bitter cold today and it was screaming for some soup.



I have also been craving BBQ sauce like you can’t believe.  I recently saw my fav store bought sauce has gone HFCS free!  Hooray!  So on some 12 grain bread I put on some BBQ sauce and some chipped ham for a quick and dirty ham BBQ open-faced sammie.  My fave sauce is Bulleyes by the way.  Love it!  And the ingredient list is not bad at all.  The soup was a chicken veggie deal.

After lunch and cleanup, I braved the weather and walked Rocks.  It was cold but tolerable because there was no wind, thankfully.  When I checked the mail, the last of Scott’s xmas presents arrived!  Whee!  Once back home I finished up the last of the xmas cards and got the packages finalized for the mail.  Scott whisked off to the post office to drop that stuff off and I had a snack.

Orange X2

Orange X2

Since I didn’t have any fruit at lunch, I had 1 orange and 1 clemmie as my snack.  Before Scott left for the post office he said he was starting to get hungry.  I decided to just go ahead and start supper.  It was about that time anyway and since we are going to SF tonight, I needed to get things done early.

My dinner

My dinner

Scott was having A. Day.  So I made him one of his favorite comfort foods, pasta with tomato sauce.  I made a huge batch of rigitoni with a spicy Italian sausage tomato sauce.  Lunch was a bit heavy for me, so I didn’t really want a heavy dinner.  Instead I had a huge salad with:

  • Romaine
  • Spinach
  • Peas
  • Corn
  • Banana Peppers
  • Walnuts
  • Sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • Morningstar chick meal starters

Topped with some ranch dressing I made with mix plus fage and some light sour cream.  So good!  Scott kept sneaking some tastes of the sauce so he got a wee little salad all to himself. :D  I also had a small slice of bread with my salad.  Cleaned everything up and now I’ve got to put a small package together before leaving tonight so I better get going!  See you tomorrow!

Booty Buster Total:

1 mile walk = 1 pt

1.5 hr SF class = 3 pts

Total = 4 pts

One thought on “December 22nd, 2008: Lunch and dinner

  1. I HAD to tell you! I went on a MAD mission for BBQ sauce tonight- and there I am..staring at the ominous wall of sauces with NO idea which one to choose…hickory smoked, honey, chipotle….and then I spotted the Bulls-eye and remembered your post!! :D I totally grabbed it and it is SO GOOD!! I looked at the other bottles just for kicks, and I was so suprised to see that pretty much all of them have HFCS?? Nasty..thanks for the tip!!

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