December 19th, 2008: Breakfast

Hi guys!  I had such a great day yesterday, I hope today can be the same!  Yesterday I got stuff done around the house, bloggy stuff, business stuff, and I had two awesome workouts.  By the end of the night I felt amazing! :D  I did have another glass of red, same size as the first, while watching the Pens but did not have any ice cream.  The pizza really super filled me up and I didn’t need ice cream on top of it, so I passed.  I was in bed by 11pm and was out.  I did wake up a few times last night but not enough that it disturbed my sleep.  One of the times I woke up, I heard it pouring rain and knew it still would be raining in the morning so I decided just to sleep till whenever.

I got up at 8am and it was crazy raining outside.  I wasn’t looking forward to taking Rocky out and knew it was going to be a challenge.  See, Rocky hates rain because the water droplets of death fall on him and touch his butt!  Light rain he can tolerate for a small bit but big huge droplets or monsoon rain he cannot.  I put his big boy jacket on and let’s just say it was a challenge getting him out the door and down the deck stairs.  He finally peed and came running back.  My big boy is such a wuss sometimes. :p  I literally was out for maybe a minute and a half and was soaked!  That’s how crazy it was raining.  Uh, I guess running is out for today.  Boo!  Instead I went through and plugged in all the xmas lights and lit candles.  Much more cozy!

double mint

double mint

Breakfast was exciting today because I was trying something new!  I asked Scott to make the peppermint coffee and then I made peppermint granola!  I mixed a little bit of peppermint extract in with the 2% Fage and added some chocolate bear naked granola.  Oh it was heaven!  I am totally doing this again!

Okay guys, big plans for today, all of them around holiday activities so I better get moving! Happy Friday!

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