December 15th, 2008: Morning



Hi guys!  Last night Scott and I watched some TV and hung out on the couch.  I did indeed have another glass of wine and then had a bowl of ice cream!  Regular latte :p  Two wee scoops of vanilla with two wee scoops of coffee and chocolate sprinkles on top.  So yummy!  The choclate sprinkles go better with this combo.  The flavor sort of gets lost on the pumpkin.  Around 11:30pm I went up to bed.

Where I proceeded to sleep like crap.  My body was tired but my mind was not.  It would take me a while to fall asleep then I would wake back up, fall asleep, wake up.  Rinse, repeat.  I finally just got up at 8am this morning.  I was up earlier but laid in bed for a while.  However I’m not tired, my body is still wired and wide awake.  So strange!  I wonder if this means I’m going to crash hard later tonight?



Scott made some more peppermint coffee this morning, whee!!  Although I finished the last of the peppermint creamer, so I’m going to have to get more stat before that goes away too!  Small breakfast this morning, a little bit of 2% fage and some bear naked banana nut granola.

I have so many things I have to get done today and this week.  I cannot believe that next week is Christmas.  I feel so unprepared!  I haven’t made any menus yet, I’m not done shopping, I have to bake, and I need to plan out articles for the site.  *cue me pulling out my hair*

One thing I do know for sure, unless the weather conditons are super crappy, I’m running Christmas morning.  Anyone else planning a run or am I the only crazy one? :D

Also, I went back in and added my Booty Buster Points for yesterday because I forgot!

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