December 12th, 2008: Morning



Good morning and happy Friday!!  Whee!!!  I got to sleep in a bit today and woke up going on 8am.  Hooray!!  Got Rocky outside and taken care of and as I was going for coffee this morning I saw that it was peppermint!  Thanks, babycakes!  Peppermint coffee with peppermint creamer and my favorite combo ever made for a perfect morning!  2% fage with some cranberry sauce and some chocolate bear naked granola.  Soooo good!

I have huge big plans for today!  I need to:

  • Run
  • Work
  • Clean
  • Xmas shop
  • Put packages together for mailing
  • Possibly bake and make some other things

Busy busy busy!  So I better get moving.  Hope you all have a fabbo Friday!

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