December 12th, 2008: Lunch and Dinner



“Wow, my legs just don’t seem to want to run today.”

“That’s how the start of a run always is. You have to warm up.”

“Yeah but this seems different, I really seem to be dragging.”

“You’re not dragging, you’re just getting into it.  Let’s go, pick it up!”

“I can’t, I can only plod along today.”

“Plod along, spare me.  We are running!  Let’s move it!”

“I might only do a mile today, I’m tired!”

“Sister please. When was the last time you only ran a mile?  Uh huh.”

“Yeah but I’m telling you, it’s slow going today.”

“If you do a short run, then it’s going to be 2.5 miles. Not a mile.  Jeeze.”

“But I think…”

“No. You’re a runner. A RUNNER. 2.5 miles is your short distance. Now let’s go.”

“Yeah but today…”

“You will be grumpy if you only run a mile. Trust me. Just do the 2.5 and you’ll be fine.”  “See you’re almost done!”


“There now you’re done and can go shower. Don’t you feel better?”

“You’re not running with me on Sunday.”

“Whatevs chicky.”

That’s what was going through my head as I ran today.  Ugh, it was so slow going and my legs just didn’t seem to want to go.  And I was wiped out.  I don’t know if it’s because it was lunch time and I was hungry or what, but man it was a rough run.

I came home and drank a huge glass of CS.  Then I headed up to shower.  I cleaned the house before running so I got to come home to a nice clean smelling house.  Mmmm I knew I wouldn’t want to clean once I got back so I made sure to get it done ahead of time.

Lunch was easy and so satisfying.  I decided that today I’m having a junk food day. :D



Lunch was butternut fries that I have been craving ever since the last time I had them.  And some Boca chick’n nuggets.  I dipped the fries in organic ketchup and the nuggets in a hot and spicy mustard.  In the middle are two clementines that I got to eat some of before Scott started inhaling them.  I finished everything on my plate and then stole a fry off of Scott’s plate. :D

After lunch I did a little bit of work and then I took Rocky for his walk.  It was shortie today too, only .5 miles.  When I was out for my run, it was really windy, spitting snow, and the clouds were rolling through at a high speed.  I knew some kind of weather was blowing in, but not sure what we were getting exactly.  Apparently it was super cold weather because when out with Rocks today it was sooo bitter cold with super cold wind that the walk had to get cut short.

Tonight we are having leftover pizza for dinner!  I know there’s no pic and I’m posting this early but I promise it will look similar to last night’s dinner.  I also need to work on a presentation that I’m giving to someone tonight and I’m hoping it goes over well.  So I wanted to get this out in the event I don’t have time to post later.  If I do have time later then I’ll post my plate!

Booty Buster Total:

2.5 mile run = 2.5 pts

.5 mile walk = .5 pts

Total = 3 pts

4 thoughts on “December 12th, 2008: Lunch and Dinner

  1. love the convo in your head:) I need to make those fries that is the plan tonight, I was going to make Pot Roast but forgot to thaw it OUT! Have a great Friday night girl!

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