November 8th, 2008: Lunch and Dinner

Hi guys! Yesterday was a long day! And I will tell you right now that the reason I did not do a lunch and dinner post last night was because I was busy doing two things:

  1. Playing Gears of War
  2. Watching the Pens game

Seriously had the best day with my hunnies yesterday. :D

Fight eliminations started at 10am yesterday and we arrived probably about 10:15. Thankfully the fights hadn’t started yet so we didn’t miss anything. The crappy thing about this fight competition is that there is no set fight schedule. You have no clue who’s fighting who and when until you get there and even then it takes them a while to get the schedule posted. There were two people that we knew fighting yesterday. One fought early, he was the 6th fight. He didn’t win but it was his first fight and he did a really great job.

We stayed for a couple more fights and in that time I saw two girl fights. Ahem. At the risk of sounding catty, they were not that great and I will just leave it at that. It was shortly after 12pm when we realized the other fight wasn’t going to happen until the evening eliminations which didn’t start until 7pm. So we headed out and back home. I was glad to get out of there because I was freezing cold. The fights take place in an indoor soccer area but the indoor part of it is just like a big tent so technically it can be considered indoor/outdoor and it was cold yesterday! Most of my energy was focused on trying to keep warm!

Scott was starving and said he would like to go out to eat. I had to laugh because I just got done telling someone how we rarely go out to dinner or get food out and here we are eating out twice this week! Ah well, such is life. We decided on going to Damon’s. The plan was to have a big lunch and then something small for dinner later. And save the steaks for grilling on Sunday.

Once we were seated we realized what a mistake it was to go to Damon’s on a Saturday afternoon. Everyone was there watching the OSU game. Apparently it is required that you love OSU when living here. Scott and I couldn’t give a flip about OSU (or college football) so all of this “support” is baffling and a little annoying at times. Yes I said it. Anyway we got there a few minutes before halftime so it wasn’t too bad but there were still the yells and cheers and what have you.

I must also say that our server was a butt. One thing that chaps my ass is when a server refuses to acknowledge my presence and only deals with my husband. Hello! I have a voice, I’m a person too. And when you do take a minute to look at me, don’t look at me like I just said the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard because we then may have to have a moment. And that moment won’t end well for you. ‘Kay?

I asked him if they had Sam Adam’s Winter Lager, cause it’s like winter and stuff, and that beer is available. He stared at me for like 10 seconds with a look like I just farted on his knee and said no they didn’t. Oookaayy.

But that’s in the past! So let’s forget about butthead and move on to eats!

Scott and I used to go to Damon’s a lot when we were in college because it was close to my school (he visited me at my school) and was a nice restaurant. The dinner salads were huge with sunflower seeds and all kinds of nice stuff. You got a big loaf of bread to cut up and put butter on. And the meal always came out on a nice platter. I don’t know what happened but Damon’s isn’t a nice place anymore. Maybe it’s hindsight or maybe it really has changed but we weren’t walking away feeling like we just had a great meal.



Starters were our salads and beer. I’ve never ordered a beer or drink for lunch and decided it was time to try it! I got a Newcastle since they didn’t have a winter lager for me to try. Scott got a blue moon which was new to both of us. I have to say it’s a little oogy. Better with the orange in it but not something I would order myself. I would drink it if that’s all there was.



I had balsamic dressing with my salad and used maybe 1/2 TBSP of it. I ate all of my salad except for last bit of toppings. No nuts or seeds or anything interesting on this salad. In fact it was mostly iceberg lettuce (cheap much?) with cheese and tomatoes. No onions, 1 wee cucumber piece, mini croutons and that was it.



The bread wasn’t a loaf but garlic breadsticks. They were actually good but I would rather have had some slices of warm WW bread.



I ordered 1/2 rack of ribs with a baked sweet potato. The sweet potato was horrible. I don’t even know what they did to it but it tasted nasty. And that is not butter but some sort of butter concoction which I didn’t realize till I put a small amount on the sweet potato and mixed it up. They also gave me brown sugar but no cinnamon. I had about 1/3 of the potato before I had to call it quits on that and ate half of my serving of ribs.

Scott got a full rack (and was given extra bbq sauce; I did not get any with mine. Hrmmm) with fries. I had three fries, they were not very good. We boxed up our meals and headed home.

I changed into my gnome jammies because I was freezing still and started some laundry. Then we started playing GoW. It’s easily my favorite co-op game and being able to play a new game of it is really exciting to me.



After we had been playing for some time, I decided to spice things up! I sipped on a glass of red while we played some more.

We played that for hours and by the time we needed to start getting ready to go back to the fights neither of us wanted to leave. Scott’s wisdom tooth was bothering him and his mouth was a little swollen. I had a headache and it was cold outside! And nighttime! And like punks we stayed home.

Snackie Dinner

Snackie Dinner

It wasn’t until after 8pm that we started getting a little hungry. I made us some snackie plates! I cut up our leftover ribs into individual rib slices which I left cold because they tasted so much better that way! And on the bigger plate is:

  • A HUGE granny smith apple sliced
  • Leftover breadsticks cut up
  • Kashi veggie crackers
  • Chicken in a biscuit crackers (the last of our junk food)
  • Cheddar
  • Parrano
  • Cold leftover fries

And we kicked the bottle of wine from Friday. I had two wee rib pieces and most of the apple. I think three crackers, several small bread bites, 2 slices of cheddar, and 4 cubes of Parrano. Also some of the fries. Yum! We picked at this while we watched the Pens game.

Then I had another glass of white while watching the game. The Pens won it by shootout and after it was over I stumbled my way to bed. I was exhausted! I was looking forward to bed because I put fresh sheets on it and they were flannel! Plus the heating blanket was on so I knew it was going to be all nice and toasty. :D

Wow, three glasses of wine and a beer! :o Condensed it seems like a lot but everything was all spaced out and I had lots of water in between so I was not dehydrated in the least. Which is probably why the total didn’t seem much. In fact I even forgot I had a beer until reviewing my pics!

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