November 7th, 2008: Morning



Hi guys!! It’s Friday! AND Gears of War II comes out today which we pre-ordered and are currently waiting on UPS to drop on our doorstep. I am hoping this isn’t a 6pm delivery day.

I woke up a little bit before my alarm went off and was still sooooo tired. I felt like I could have kept right on sleeping and sleeping. I didn’t though! I got up and got my butt moving for my run. I got Rocky taken care of and was pretty amazed at how warm it was this morning at 7am. I could have almost stayed out in a tee-shirt and been okay. In November! It also felt a little humid like it might rain soon.

So nice, I had it twice

So nice, I had it twice

I wore my hoodie again today. There was a light breeze so I decided to play it safe and put it on. I did an extra long run today which bumped me up to 30 minutes of running. :woohoo: I still don’t know the distance and will have to figure it out soon. I’m at that stage where when I start running I feel like crap for about the first 15 minutes or so, then I eventually find my pace and can run just fine. Since I’ve started my longer runs, I’m also getting the runners high at the end! I didn’t have that before, yes I felt awesome after my run but now I’m on cloud 9 and it puts me in such a great mood to face the day.

I came home and had TWO glasses of CS. With longer runs this seems to be happening more frequently and I figure that’s to be expected. The more you put out the more you have to replace, right?

I grabbed Rocky and we were back out the door for his walk. Since it was nice out I decided to keep my hoodie on for the walk instead of changing into different one. About 1/2 way through our walk, it started getting more cloudy and a little more windy. Then I noticed how cold I was getting. Huh? It was warm! What happened! Weird how as the day started passing the colder it got.

We made it back home and I did some Wii yoga for about 16 minutes. By this point I was starving and needed some fuel!



I was a little bummed because we are out of bananas which means no oats this morning! Boo! Instead I had somewhere between 1/3 and1/2 Cup of 2% fage, some pumpkin and sunflower seeds, cranberries, and some Bare Naked banana nut granola. It was a yummy combo! I almost threw some chocolate chips on there but decided to save those calories for something else later. I had that along with coffee + creamer.

It wasn’t long after my breakfast that it started pouring down rain! Glad I got my stuff done already this morning!

Now I’m off to get dressed for my eyebrow defuzzing appointment and then it’s off to WF for some lunch and other items. Then it’s home to snuggle and get comfy!

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