November 5th, 2008: Morning

Hi guys! It was a late night for me. I didn’t get to bed until 12:30am. :o Crazy! I haven’t seen the midnight hour for a long time! We watched CNN all night long. I had a little bit more wine and a small snack.

Chocolate fortune

Chocolate fortune

I had two fortune cookies and one peppermint bark square. The fortunes in my cookies were all lame. Sometimes I get some good ones that I keep. I have one taped to my computer and I have one up on my fridge. The one on my fridge is my favorite, it says:

Seek your comforts at home, it proves rewarding.

Indeed it does and there is no place I would rather be than at home with my boys.

I was actually surprised that last night went rather quick. I expected delays and all sorts of crazy things to happen. Remember 2004? Remember 2000?! Those were some crazy times with looonngg nights, days, and even weeks. That’s what I expected this time around and was trying to figure out how I was going to work that because I knew I would not be able to stay up till the wee hours. I didn’t have to worry though because Obama’s win was announced fairly quickly. What I had trouble with was staying awake to hear his speech! :p I didn’t want to miss it though because this was such a huge day.

Then I went to bed before I passed out.

Rocky only let me sleep till about 7:20am, and that was okay. I have stuff to do today and need to get moving. I didn’t run and knew I was sacrificing that by having wine and staying up late last night. And I’m okay with that. I can lose one day of running to a huge historic event. My calf muscles are also really sore! Yesterday was okay, but today they are super sore. It’s from PT on Monday, I had to run against the resistance bands. I’ll probably do some stuff on the Wii and call it good.

Chocolate cranberries

Chocolate cranberries

Breakfast was morning coffee + creamer and 1/2 cup of 2% fage with bare naked chocolate granola and some dried cranberries. Cranberries and chocolate is one of my newest favorite flavor combos. I’ve been toying around with it ever since I stumbled upon the combo by accident. Sweetened cranberries and creamy chocolate pair so well together!

I have some work to get done today and I need to do a bit of cleaning around the house. Plus organizing which seems like I am always doing. *sigh* Also my Nike gear should be coming today! Woo!

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