November 22nd, 2008: Breakfast

Good morning guys!! I have 10 hours of sleep under my belt, so I’m ready to face the day! When we got back last night, I changed into my jammies first thing. We snuggled on the bed for a minute with Rocks who was waiting for us. And I started crashing hard. I was going to stay up but decided just to go to bed and was in bed by 10:10pm. Wheee! Bonus, Rocky letting me sleep till 8am this morning. :woohoo:

best combo ever

best combo ever

Everything was still really frosty when I took Rocks out for his potty run this morning. So it must have been really cool last night! The weather changes so much, we were supposed to have snow yesterday and today, but nothing. Which I guess works out because we need some shingles replaced on our roof, and for the time being no precipitation is a good thing.

Can we talk about my Eddie Bauer skirt for a sec? I love this thing, the length is perfect, the color is awesome, and I like that it can be dressed up or made casual. What I don’t like is that it’s too big on me now!!! I just bought that thing like last month right? I’ll have to check the blog but I could have sworn it was October when we went to the warehouse. *sigh* I’m done with the woe is me post.

Because we had such a good time last night, Scott and I officially decided that we should go out to dinner once a month. Just to try something new and have a night to ourselves. Dinner with friends not included. I’m talking about date night. :) I’m looking forward to the next one!

Oh breakfast! I almost forgot! :p Morning coffee + creamer which wasn’t hot enough this morning. Boo And some 2% fage with cranberry sauce, chocolate granola, and some chocolate chips just because. :D

Now I’m off to get ready for MT and after that it’s off to the butchers to stock up on some items and pick up Rocky’s food. See you later!!

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  1. Hubby and I try and do a date night once a week, I told him when we got married that he still had to wooo me ;) We have been so busy lately that we haven’t had one in a while, we will have to make time when we get back for sure! AS women we need to be taken out here and there (the single girls shouldn’t have all the fun)!.lol

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