November 20th, 2008: Morning

Warm up

Warm up

Morning guys!  Last night after SF class, we took Rocky for a quick walk around the block and then it was time to get snug.  Woo it was chilly last night!  I made us some tea and snackies.

We had peppermint tea and on the plate is some cornbread (I love cornbread as a snack, especially with morning coffee.  Anyone else?) raisins and dried apricots.  I had three apricots and a piece of the bread with my tea.  I think I actually stayed up till 11:30 last night!  Then I was passing out.  I was actually yawning during SF class because that class starts late and ends late (for me) and my body starts winding down during class.

Last night had a rough patch as Scott got a coughing fit.  It’s the last stages of his cold where you’re fine but your throat is still a bit dry and once you get the throat tickle it’s all downhill from there.  Once he got up and got some ginger ale (we use carbonated drinks to “scratch” our throats to make them feel better.  Anyone else do that?  It works great!) he was able to combat it.  But it took like an hour and a half. :(  Poor hunnies.

Rocky was gracious enough to let me sleep in till 8am this morning, wheee!  I had the best combo ever again for breakfast this morning!



Some 2% Fage, cranberry jelly, and some chocolate Bear Naked granola.  We are out of vanilla Silk which meant no oats.  Booo!  However, I am getting my hair trimmed today, so after that it’s WF for some lunchie and other small items, I can grab some Silk from there.

I’m flip-flopping about running today.  My shin bothered me yesterday so I want to give it a rest.  And since I’m going to get my hair cut at noon, I don’t want to get it all sweaty greasy from a run (my hat makes my hair all gross after my run).  I could wash it but I’m getting it washed at the salon and two washing back to back just seems silly.  I probably won’t get one in.  Booo again!

Alright, I’m off to clean up the kitchen, clean the trash can (ew it was stinky this morning!) and do some dinner prep to get it out of the way.  Happy Thursday!

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