November 15th, 2008: Morning

Hi guys! I seriously just walked in the bathroom and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror with super crazy bedhead! Sometimes that’s the downfall to having short hair is that you wake up looking like you just got shocked. I’m in the process of letting it grow out a little bit and trying a new style, so we’ll see how that work outs. My hair drives me bonkers. It’s very very thin and in order for it to have any umph, it has to be short with lots of layers. Long hair does not look good. Trust me, I had it long all through middle and HS because I danced and needed to be able to put it in a bun or have it braided all the time. There were a few times I had it long in college so I could wake up, toss it back in a scrunchie and go. Did you dress up for class? I did not. Jeans, flannels, sweats are what I wore to class all the time. :lol:



I was drinking alone last night! Scott says he’s on the road to recovery which is awesome news! However, he’s not so far out of the woods that he can partake in alcohol. I opened a bottle of Barefoot Pinot for me to split between last night and today. As I was taking my pics, I noticed Scott wandering between the fridges.

Me: Are you looking for something to drink too?

Him: Yeah, a little.

Me: Awww. I’ll find you something.

He ended up having some organic lemonade to drink last night. He’s too cute. :p



With my first glass I had half a cookie that I got from WF and it was not that great. Honestly, I doubt I’ll even eat the rest of them. I hate that because what do I do with food I know we won’t eat? Do I try and pawn it off on someone else? What do you do? If I worked at an office I would be the evil coworker who was always bringing stuff in! :p

We played some more Gears and then took a small break to take Rocks for a quick walk. Then we played some more and it was time for me to hang it up. I can’t game too late in the evening or else I have gaming dreams where I’m in the game and fighting. And then I get crappy sleep. I know, I’m such a dork.

We finished the last bit of the Pens game which they won but just squeaked by. Goodness! Then we moved on to a L&O that we taped. I am such a L&O fan but I may have to scrap this show. I don’t like any of the people on it anymore. And the stories seem to keep getting more lame with each episode. While we were watching L&O, I had my second glass of wine with a side of these.

A favorite

A favorite

Frozen grapes. I ate that whole bowl too! They were so good and I needed to get another fruit in for the day. I went up to bed after the show was done and meh. I slept but it wasn’t a great sleep, stupid guest pull-out couch bed. I want my bed! I am such a whiney brat when I can’t sleep in my own bed. I LOVE my bed. Seriously, it’s awesome. Honest to goodness, that was the first piece of furniture Scott and I bought when we first moved in together after college. Everything else we had was hand-me-downs, but that was ours. And it’s coming up on 10 years old. :o You’d have to fight me to give it up though! And I put up a good fight. ;) I got up a good bit for potty runs since my sleep wasn’t so great and each time the bedroom was quiet, which means Scott wasn’t making any sickie noises. I going back in there tonight. Guest room be damned!

Rocky came in and woke me up around 8am which isn’t too bad of a sleep-in. He doesn’t like mama being in a different room so I was met with lots of excited snorts, nubbies, and wiggles.



It is pouring rain today. It started last night as we watched TV and I don’t think it’s stopped really. That means no run this morning. For breakfast I had 1/3 C of 2% fage and some banana nut bare naked mixed in. I got to have peppermint creamer in my coffee this morning! :swingdance: It’s my favorite!

Plans for the day include:

  • Wearing gnome flannel jammies
  • Playing Gears
  • Making chicken noodle soup
  • Maybe some work maintenance things
  • Holiday planning

Catch you later!

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